Prabhat Singh

Vice President of Engineering

Cloud and Network Security

Prabhat Singh is Vice President of Engineering, Cloud and Network Security at Cisco where he is responsible for leading the Cloud Security Engineering group and furthering Cisco’s leadership in the future of cloud and access security. Responsible for building and delivering the industry’s most innovative SASE solution, Prabhat’s motivation is setting customers up for success along their journey towards a fully realized SASE vision. Prabhat leads a team of experienced cybersecurity experts and engineers to build world-class security products that protect end-users from ever-evolving threats and adversaries. An inspiring and outcome-driven leader, Prabhat takes an outside-in approach, connecting customers’ security challenges to innovative results-based solutions. Throughout this near three-decade cybersecurity career—the entirety of his professional life—Prabhat advanced his deep security and engineering experience, including a knack for envisioning the future of security and creating impactful solutions. Prior to Cisco in September 2021, Prabhat was VP of Engineering, Enterprise at McAfee, responsible for its cloud security, threat analytics, and threat intelligence platforms. He led McAfee through three significant innovative pivots, which established new security industry benchmarks: from anti-virus to a cloud-based protection provider; from reactive security to a machine-learning based proactive security leader; and from proactive security to AI-based predictive security leader worldwide. Prabhat’s deeply technical orientation—coupled with his passion for creating harmony among one’s day-to-day experiences—enables him to simplify complex security problems for people. It also inspires the next generation of security professionals in the industry, something by which he is also ardently motivated. Prabhat holds a Master’s in Computer Science from University of Louisiana, Lafayette.


October 13, 2021


Harmony on the Inside is the Key to Innovation from the Outside-In

3 min read

When the opportunity came to lead Cisco’s Cloud and Network Security’s engineering team, my goal is attainable: win the SASE opportunity.