As we head towards Cisco Partner Summit in a few weeks, (I hope you have registered already) it is a great time to look at how the Cisco Partner ecosystem is using not only technology but also innovation, agility and customer centric thinking to ensure that businesses of all sizes across the region are finding new ways to meet the evolving customers needs.    It is this mindset that makes our Partner Innovation Challenge so special.

Now in its fourth year, this challenge shows that any partner, of any size, and in any location can build meaningful solutions with the breadth of Cisco platform and products. This year we continued with the challenge to drive awareness and adoption of Cisco Platform APIs across our APJC partner community.   Congratulations to our winners for 2021!

APJC Innovation Challenge Winners

Australia & New Zealand – Outcomex

After last year’s success, Outcomex seems to have developed the winning model by reclaiming the top spot in Australia and New Zealand with their TransportDeck solution.   Their solution efficiently manages and improves the transport networks in Australia as the demographics continue to evolve. This is achieved through innovative, customizable, and affordable IoT solutions.

To achieve this, Outcomex created TransportDeck, an all-in-one transport network management solution which includes sensors and smart cameras, network connectivity and their Outcomex-built platform. This platform consolidates data collected from our IoT solutions’ components and delivers the information to the user on an application tailored to the data they require. Through the utilization of Cisco API’s and industrial hardware, TransportDeck offers real time visibility and analytics allowing the user to easily monitor their environments such as pick up drop off bays, taxi and bus stops, and parking facilities. That data enables our customers to make informed business decisions to improve area accessibility and to manage people and traffic flow.

ASEAN – Mastersystem Infotama

In ASEAN, Indonesia’s Mastersystem Infotama developed a solution called MSICDX, which addresses new demands and challenges in Contact Center services by utilizing dashboards oriented in Customer Experience, that details the customer journey. Their “click to call feature” to avoid any text-based interaction miscommunication, while proactively suggesting support to an agent in instantly obtaining information of relevant topics, and sentiment analytics help to elevate the customer conversation on the Contact Center system and social media.

Greater China

In Greater China, Macroview used Cisco DNA Spaces and Cisco’s Wi-Fi Meeting Server to create an IoT-driven connectivity that enables seamless data transfer, integration of remote electronic smart devices over the web, wireless sensors and more creating a digital workplace of the future that fuels productivity.

This AI Space will allow for seamless integration of work across people, technology physical and virtual spaces; combined these unleashes new opportunities for both the employer and the employee. Solution consists of AI Reception, AI Office, AI Collaboration, AI Ops.

India – Velocis

Velocis leveraged their expertise with Cisco DNA Center to support the accelerated shift to remote working as a of workplace evolution to becoming more hybrid. This influx of remote workers is placing unprecedented pressure on Corporate IT and network teams to manage end-user productivity.

Velocis’ DNAC-as-a-Service accelerates the shift from infrastructure management to business outcomes. This service-based solution helps solve customer’s biggest challenges of Digital transformation and provides faster time to value.

Korea – SNET Systems

Korean partner, SNET Systems combined Cisco DNA Spaces and Cisco Webex to create AI Safeguard, an integrated solution that implements a smart healthcare environment and supports all healthcare services operations based on an integrated IT network.

It intuitively provides an access management infrastructure appropriate especially for the pandemic situation and epidemiological investigation, patient management, and infection management information through AI imaging analysis.

Special Mentions

As a result of the overwhelming innovation we are witnessing across the region, in addition to the winners in each of the five participating theatres.  Two partner submissions caught the judges attention and were awarded special mention for their solutions using Cisco technology to solve real world business issues.   They are:


Malaysia’s Glocomp coupled Cisco’s Duo Authentication with Cisco Webex Teams. With cybersecurity incidents on the rise, and many firms estimating that almost two-thirds of businesses will shift to zero-trust networks by 2023. Implementing a zero-trust framework, however, takes time and effort and could not be implemented overnight. Glocomp adopted the fundamentals of Cisco’s zero-trust principles to develop their Zero-Trust Framework Access Control with Real-Time Secure Messaging which allows businesses to start adopting zero-trust security in their effort to achieve zero trust maturity.


The emphasis on to deliver effective care and experience to patients has never been greater, and this is even more so today. Hospitals are already complex spaces, critical and dynamic coordination is needed to provide patients with the treatment they deserve while enhancing the overall quality of care.

With many services being location specific, Connectivity IT Solutions combined Cisco DNA Spaces with Cisco Meraki. By doing this Connectivity IT’s solution of utilizing Location Intelligent Services in Hospitals will not only improve Hospital Workflows but also provide seamless patient experiences.

Congratulations to all the Partners who submitted this year. The judging panel was overwhelmed with the number of nominations, and it is always a pleasure to witness the innovation that is happening across the Asia Pacific region highlighting how Cisco is the Bridge to Possible.

Stay tuned for the Global Winners to be announced by Oliver Tuszik at Cisco Partner Summit 2021! #CiscoPS21


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Kerri Lampard

Director, APJ Architecture & Services

Global Partners Organization (GPO)