November 30, 2021 Update: We have completed the acquisition of replex. Welcome to Cisco!

It’s with great pleasure that I can today share Cisco’s intent to acquire replex GmbH, a privately held enterprise software company based in Germany.

The acquisition of replex will help AppDynamics grow its product and engineering talent with a view toward accelerating and expanding product capabilities that observe enterprise-scale, cloud-native environments. Replex’s deep expertise in Kubernetes, real-time data extraction and analytics will further strengthen AppDynamics’ world-class product and engineering team as we accelerate the delivery of Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability vision.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve talked about the importance of full-stack observability in solving some of the most challenging and complex problems that technologists face today. With the rapid shift toward the digital economy and hybrid world, consistent availability and performance of the applications we rely on – both inside and outside of work – have never been more important.

Today, IT teams need end-to-end visibility of application environments, user experiences and their business impact, giving them the power to see, understand and optimize what happens throughout the technology stack and beyond. In the recent report, Agents of Transformation 2021 – The rise of full-stack observability, a staggering 96% of technologists pointed to the negative consequences of not having genuine visibility and insight into the performance of the whole technology stack, and 76% acknowledged that they can no longer afford to rely on gut instinct with technology performance. Instead, they need accurate, real-time data. At Cisco, we are passionate about arming our customers with that data and the tools they need to tackle these business-critical challenges.

The AppDynamics Business Observability platform is a critical component of Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability strategy. Together we are delivering a market-leading, enterprise-scale and cloud-native Observability platform that will meet the growing demands of global technologists as they navigate increasing IT complexity and data noise. The addition of replex’s highly skilled team to AppDynamics will enable us to accelerate and broaden the platform’s capabilities and deliver on this strategy.



Linda Tong

General Manager