Hi, Adrian Iliesiu and Adrienne Moherek here. Adrian is a technical leader on the DevNet Innovations team. Adrienne is a technical leader on the DevNet Developer Experience team. Together, we will be co-hosting the “Creators Channel” at DevNet Create 2021, October 19-21.

Get ready to learn, and get inspired

The Creators Channel is one of four channels bringing you outstanding technical speakers and content at DevNet Create. (You know you have selected to watch the right channel when the name of the event and the name of the channel are virtually the same 🙂  IMHO, it’s the best channel for you to enjoy. “Why,” you ask? Well, besides being hosted by the most engaging and dynamic duo west of the Mississippi, this channel has the content and sessions created by people just like you – members of our DevNet community. The Creators Channel is the channel of the people!

On the Creators Channel you will be able to see sessions presented by some of the most active and inspiring members of the community. You’ll meet and hear from people like Jose Bogarin, CIO of Altus, DevNet Creator award recipient and all around a great guy. Jeff Levensailor, Senior DevOps Engineer at Presidio, and a DevNet Creator award winner too. And NetDevOps engineer extraordinaire Hank Preston. And that names just a few! Along with the experts, you’ll dig into topics around AI/ML, hybrid cloud, Meraki, infrastructure as code, simplifying design, building a troubleshooting assistant… and a ton more.

Check out the full agenda of sessions coming to the Creators Channel to find the sessions that line up with your interests.

Why DevNet Create?

DevNet Create is Cisco’s annual developer conference. This year we are celebrating the fourth edition of this beloved conference. You might be familiar with Cisco Live events where we bring you the latest news and technologies from Cisco. DevNet Create is a similar event, but with a focus on developers. For two days we gather and learn, discuss, make new friends, and celebrate this amazing and vibrant community. This year will be no exception, and even though the event will be virtual, we are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the Q&A panel and Webex space dedicated to the event.

If you’ve ever attended a DevNet Create, you know we like to mix in some fun along with our technical deep dives. Don’t miss us, the two Adrians/Adriennes, engaged in a Viking versus Ninja battle royale at the Secure Code Warrior challenge. Or us clumsily attempting virtual yoga poses.  then the Creators Channel is the place for you at this year’s DevNet Create.

Register now be part of DevNet Create 2021. It’s free. It’s global. It’s virtual. It’s fun!

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Adrian Iliesiu

Technical Leader

Cisco DevNet