mobile worker

April 27, 2020


Securing the remote work environment

6 min read

As organizations adopt remote working, how should they evaluate their security posture? And what are the top threats they may face?

June 18, 2018


The Factory: A Living Organism for Wireless and Mobility

3 min read

We live in a wireless world. We almost never plug our computers into a network. Our mobile phones and tablets provide constant connectivity. Some of us wear health tracking devices...

March 6, 2013


What I’ve Learned as a Teleworking Employee and Manager

2 min read

My journey as a teleworking mom started almost ten years ago after I had my older son. I was coming back to work and in the process of changing roles at Cisco Systems. I live in North Carolina and had a job opportunity for a leader based in California. She knew that I wasn’t in […]