Infinite Video

February 18, 2016


Digi-Know? Getting to Multi-Screen Video Is a Days & Weeks Thing — Not a Months & Years Thing

In this kickoff video for our new “Digi-Know” video series, Cisco’s Senior Director of Cloud Solutions, Rajeev Raman, discusses the shift of streaming video from a “interesting, let’s dabble” mindset to a “it’s ON, this is real” intention amongst service providers and content owners. Rajeev, whom we were (very!) fortunate to onboard from our recent […]

You’ve Got a What?

Ever heard that when you’ve told someone what device you just bought?  Or perhaps ”You’ve already upgraded, does everything still work?”  As more devices hit the market, they bring with them new platforms and operating systems. Add video delivery into the mix, and the terrain becomes even harder to navigate.  But it also brings a […]

Join Us at CES 2016

It’s that time again — time to join 101,000 like-minded gadget and innovation enthusiasts for the “main event” in consumer technologies: The Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas. We’re coming in heavy this year, in terms of news and announcements, all under the banner of “transformation through innovation.” At our demos showcase at The Wynn […]

September 12, 2015


IBC 2015: The State of the State of DevOps and the Video Business

By JT Taylor, Senior Manager, Service Provider Video Solutions Marketing, Cisco There comes a point in every industry where the evolution of how things get done changes. First there was manual cotton picking, then there was the cotton gin. First there were custom builds, then there were assembly lines. No matter the deliverable, we ultimately […]

September 11, 2015


Trust Me: Cisco Hearts Video

  I was recently talking to an industry colleague about how incredibly focused we are, as a company, on the video marketplace. I meant it, so I was surprised to see the eyebrow-spiked reaction and their response: “How can you say that, when you just unloaded your CPE including set-top boxes, modems, etc.?” It kind […]