Helping our communities

September 9, 2021


Cisco’s continued journey to net zero

4 min read

Cisco’s SVP of Corporate Affairs, Tae Yoo, has seen our commitment to environmental sustainability grow over the years. Learn more about Cisco’s new net-zero emissions commitments.

How humanitarian organizations are using technology to stop the spread of misinformation

4 min read

Learn more about how Cisco works with humanitarian organizations that are leveraging technology to transform communication in refugee communities.

Upwardly Global: Bridging the divide for immigrants to thrive in the U.S. workforce

7 min read

Upwardly Global (UpGlo), is a Cisco nonprofit partner that has supported over 18,000 internationally trained professionals restart their careers in the U.S.

Cisco CSR in India: Making a positive social impact

3 min read

When India became the only country globally to mandate a CSR law, we saw a great opportunity to create a more inclusive future for all. Learn more about Cisco CSR in India.

Olivia Braga: Meet the Cisco Networking Academy instructor changing lives in Brazil

4 min read

Olivia Braga is a Cisco Networking Academy instructor in Brazil on a mission to empower her students with career possibilities.

A strong commitment to better our world: Why I chose Cisco for my summer internship

2 min read

Sydney Frosts shares how her summer internship with Cisco has been full of professional growth, opportunity, and purpose.

A social good data platform transforming global COVID response through citizen engagement

3 min read

For countless people around the world, Ushahidi’s open source data platform has been a lifeline during the global response to COVID. Learn more.

Creating a better and more inclusive future through regenerative sustainability

4 min read

By working together, we believe we can find solutions to even our most complex problems. Learn more about our commitment to regenerative sustainability.