Domain Ten

May 9, 2014


IT Needs a Promotion to Cloud Services Broker

3 min read

  Is your IT department currently acting as a Cloud services broker?And what exactly is a Cloud services broker? As our world of many clouds continues to evolve, increased opportunities exist for IT departments to move from the traditional “siloed” working environments to play a more critical role in corporate planning strategies. Aligning IT and […]

January 30, 2014


What’s New in Cisco Domain Ten Framework 2.0

6 min read

 Earlier this week, we announced the Cisco Domain Ten framework 2.0, enhanced by great input from customers, partners, and Cisco’s well-earned experience of strategizing and executing IT transformation. The enhanced Cisco Domain Ten framework helps customers drive better strategic decisions, providing greater focus on business outcomes, providing deeper analysis of hybrid cloud implications, and extending […]

November 6, 2013


Is Your Data Center Ready for ACI Transformation?

2 min read

Disruptive technologies have become more frequent than ever before, making business agility and the ability to adapt key competitive differentiators.  Every day I speak with IT executives who are asking...