September 19, 2018


Cyber Threat Alliance Releases Cryptomining Whitepaper

1 min read

Despite the recent devaluation of some cryptocurrencies, illicit cryptocurrency miners remain a lucrative and widespread attack vector in the threat landscape. These miners are easy to deploy, and attackers see...

January 19, 2017


Closing One Learning Loop: Using Decision Forests to Detect Advanced Threats

6 min read

This blog post was authored by Veronica Valeros and Lukas Machlica Malicious actors are constantly evolving their techniques in order to evade detection. It is not only the sophistication or the rapid...

December 14, 2016


In plain sight: Credential and data stealing adware

7 min read

Adware has been around for a while now. In principle, displaying advertising in order to finance your software is not necessarily something bad. Users are used to seeing advertising everywhere: newspapers, magazines, and websites. When...

September 19, 2016


Cognitive Threat Analytics: Turn Your Proxy Into Security Device

8 min read

This post was authored by Veronica Valeros, Petr Somol, Martin Rehak and Martin Grill, on behalf of the whole CTA team. Some of us still intuitively believe that our extensively...

July 29, 2016


Introducing executive dashboards in CTA

2 min read

No security risk assessment is complete without the executive summary section. Something that can answer the high level questions security teams get asked including “how secure are we?”, “what threats...

February 2, 2016


Find Advanced Threats with Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics

2 min read

Attackers are constantly innovating, employing more sophisticated techniques to compromise organizations and gain access to other parts of the network and sensitive data including proprietary information, trade secrets, and of...

February 12, 2015


Bad Browser Plug-ins Gone Wild: Malvertising, Data Exfiltration, and Malware, Oh my!

4 min read

This post was authored by Fred Concklin, William Largent,  Martin Rehak,  Michal Svoboda, and Veronica Valeros. During an average day of surfing the web via computer, smartphones, and tablets, we...