Cisco SecureX

July 14, 2021


Top Tips for Ransomware Defense

Ransomware is popping up everywhere, including the nightly news. Most people know what it is, but how does it work? What makes it so destructive? And how can we stop it?

July 7, 2021


The freedom to choose with Cisco Secure Choice

Executing your security has never been more critical, and you don't need a complex process to stand in your way. Simplify security with Cisco Secure Choice.

June 30, 2021


A Conversation on Zero Trust for the Modern World

I recently had a conversation with Cisco’s VP/GM of Zero Trust and Duo, Ash Devata, for a discussion about zero trust principles in the modern world.

June 28, 2021


Extending Zero Trust Security to Industrial Networks

Embracing the digital industry revolution requires data to seamlessly flow. Look at how the Zero Trust security model can help you secure your operations.

June 21, 2021


Pondering Automation: Who Wants Storage? You Do! You Do!

Do you want to see how to use a database with your SecureX Orchestration automations when you want that database to be on-prem? And do it with the pieces you have today? Then read this blog.

June 18, 2021


Announcing SecureX Academy

A core pillar of the SecureX mission is to simplify security. With SecureX Academy, we are simplifying SecureX adoption and integration. Check it out!

June 15, 2021


SecureX threat response Turnkey Integrations

Now, all integrations in SecureX are turnkey/out-of-the-box. No configuration is required, just enter your API key, for all Cisco Secure and 3rd party security products.

June 8, 2021


Cisco SecureX with Secure Firewall: More Value Than Ever

The SecureX + Secure Firewall integration is enhanced, simplifying security and enhancing efficiency.

May 28, 2021


Cyber Hygiene: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of incident response

In cybersecurity, good hygiene can improve outcomes and reduce costs. Learn what’s needed to adequately protect assets and your business.