Kenna Security

February 21, 2023


Conversations from Cisco Live To Observability and Beyond!

4 min read

Cisco Live EMEA 2023 was the most productive and highest energy event that I’ve attended for a long time – bringing together 14,000 of our partners and customers in a way that only Cisco can.

November 15, 2022


Kenna.VM Premier: Accelerate Vulnerability Management with Cisco Talos Intel and Remediation Analytics

3 min read

The new Kenna.VM Premier tier, which is designed for mature organizations, includes new zero-day intelligence from Cisco Talos an remediation analytics.

September 27, 2022


Threat Trends: Vulnerabilities

7 min read

Are the most talked about vulnerabilities the same as those that are most widely used in attacks?

June 7, 2022


Boosting your XDR Potential with Device Insights and Kenna Integrations

2 min read

We have been busy this past year, with our acquisition of Kenna Security and our recent innovations around device insights – all helping to expand and strengthen SecureX and our extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities.

April 11, 2022


Announcing Risk-Based Endpoint Security with Cisco Secure Endpoint and Kenna Security

4 min read

Secure Endpoint's Kenna integration introduces risk-based endpoint security, enabling accelerated incident responses and enhanced threat investigations.

April 8, 2022


Secure your Endpoints and Turbocharge your Security Operations with Cisco Secure Endpoint

3 min read

Discover how Cisco Secure Endpoint can radically simplify your security, maximize your security operations, and help you achieve peace of mind by protecting you from threats.

March 11, 2022


Bringing Kenna Security into SecureX Orchestration

1 min read

With the latest SecureX orchestration workflow, you can leverage the power of Kenna to automate the process of gathering vulnerability and remediation data, putting it in front of the right resources faster, reducing your risk and time spent solving.