Cisco Meeting Server

October 16, 2018


Get Maximum Scalability with Cisco Meeting Server Release 2.4

We designed Cisco Meeting Server release 2.4 to help you scale your meeting technology to meet all of your video conferencing needs while maintaining the on-premises infrastructure you love.

December 20, 2017


Upgrading On-Premises Video Conferencing: Cisco Meeting Server 2.3

Cisco Meeting Server makes running digital meetings efficient, simple, and secure. Here are top 5 reasons to upgrade to release 2.3. of our video-conferencing solution for on-premises deployment.

August 24, 2016


Meetings for Everyone with Cisco Meeting Server

Cisco Meeting Server makes it as easy as possible for anyone to meet and enjoy a great video, audio, and content-sharing experience. This new offering brings scalability and interoperability, while adding value through integration with the broader Cisco collaboration portfolio.

August 15, 2016


Making Meetings Simple

Announcing the availability of Cisco Meeting Server, the first product to come from the incredible combination of Cisco and Acano...