You have big ideas to share across your organization and beyond. It is crucial that you can meet when you have ideas to share. Sharing ideas is how you get great work done.

We designed Cisco Meeting Server release 2.4 to help you scale your meeting technology to meet all of your video conferencing needs while maintaining the on-premises infrastructure you love. It ensures an enjoyable, productive meeting for everyone. Join from:

  • A web browser: Plug-ins and downloads can be time-consuming. You can join a Cisco Meeting Server 2.4 meeting from your browser with Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. The Guest Join feature uses WebRTC to provide attendees with full meeting capabilities without downloads.
  • Your hardware device: Join from a Cisco video device or a standards-based SIP endpoint. Hosts can use the Cisco Meeting App WebRTC in Management and Presentation Mode to control a meeting, see the roster list, and share content without audio and video when using video endpoints.
  • Skype for Business: Cisco Meeting Server release 2.4 features an improved meeting experience for Skype users with full meeting controls like muting and recording indicators.

A growing remote workforce needs the flexibility of a scalable meeting solution. Each CMS 2000 can host up to 700 simultaneous HD (720p) video meetings per server, an increase of 40% from previous releases. For typical deployments, you can connect two to eight servers in a single cluster to multiply your scale. For extra-large deployments, connect up to 24 servers and host 12,000 calls per cluster at the same time. The audio reach is further; each server can support up to 3,000 audio calls. Each meeting can support up to 2,600 participants when supported across multiple servers, connecting everyone.

The growth in server capacity solidifies Cisco Meeting Server’s position as offering the #1 industry-leading scale. And, Gartner recently named Cisco a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions based on its “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision.” The Cisco Meeting Server release 2.4 features a customized experience, lower bandwidth costs, and simpler meeting management. It includes:

  • Better customization: Set the screen view to exactly how you want it. Open APIs allow you to make customized meeting layouts. For hierarchical organizations, choose meeting participant placement on the video layout. You can rename participants or endpoints with specialized name labels for each video stream. For instance, you can label video panes by city or job title. Branding customization is now included: Set a branded background image or company logo as your background, customize invitations, and use audio prompts in other languages.
  • Lower operating costs: To increase port utilization on each Cisco Meeting Server, you can leverage Call Bridge Groups with Cisco Unified Communication Manager-registered video devices. This release also supports call-bridge groups for Cisco Expressway-registered video endpoints. Call Bridge Groups allow for optimization of ports between servers in the same data center and minimize distribution links for less investment in infrastructure.
  • Simpler meeting management: For crucial meetings for which you need to provide white-glove treatment, Cisco Meeting Management helps operators manage ongoing meetings. Meeting operators can view scheduled conferences in advance from the TelePresence Management Suite. The indicators have also improved. A meeting operator can easily see and filter by which participant is making noise, and can mute as needed. Operators can set participants as “important,” and the person’s video will stay on screen when they are not speaking. New features help support large meetings such as “mute all on entry” to help avoid background noise.


Cisco Meeting Server can help you as your scale grows and your virtual meeting footprint increases. For current customers, download the latest software to upgrade to Cisco Meeting Server 2.4. Cisco Services can help you with the upgrade process.


Suzanne Phillips

Education Business Development Manager

Global Industry Solutions Group