At work, we accomplish tasks through the people we work with. We collaborate. Communication is the key to collaborating with co-workers, customers, and stakeholders. At Cisco, we strive to make communication simple as possible. We offer ways to have meaningful, face-to-face interactions with everyone you work with, no matter the location.

Cisco Meeting Server is our video-conferencing solution for on-premises deployment. On-premises infrastructure supports the greatest percentage of workloads, reaching 43% for enterprises.

Cisco Meeting Server makes running digital meetings efficient, simple, and secure. Help your users to communicate seamlessly with video, voice, and content sharing.

We’ve simplified joining, running, and participating in meetings. Now available, Release 2.3 of Cisco Meeting Server makes this solution a better collaboration platform than ever before. Cisco Meeting Server is the on-premises meetings solution within the Cisco Spark Flex Plan, which enables user-based subscription purchasing. We also support perpetual user licensing, so that you can choose whatever way to purchase Cisco Meeting Server that is best for you

Here are five top reasons to upgrade or migrate to Release 2.3:

Cisco Meeting Server offers the industry’s highest capacity for meetings. You can connect from one to eight servers in a single cluster per call to connect all the people you need. For large deployments, you can connect 24 servers. Our competition says they can link as many servers as you want, but this causes less efficient deployments, poor user experience, and more expensive server requirements. Cisco Meeting Server supports 12,000 concurrent HD video calls to deliver clear audio and visual for all attendees. Enable your company to collaborate as often as needed with cluster-wide licensing.

People can join a Cisco Meeting Server meeting at any time, from any location, via the updated Cisco Meeting appActiveControl technology in the app gives you more control of your meeting. The app upgrade allows you to change the layout to see what you want in a group meeting. From your mobile device, you can add or remove participants and control recording or streaming. You can mute others, too. The app even pairs with Cisco video endpoints through intelligent proximity giving you call control and the ability to share content wirelessly. Anyone can join your meetings easily on mobile devices or with Google Chrome through WebRTC. Gone are the days of waiting for plug-ins and downloads before getting to work.

Cisco Meeting Server works with all supported Cisco video endpoints including the new Cisco Room Kit and Cisco Room Kit Plus. These devices have new features that can count meeting attendees for usage metrics and resource allocation. Cisco Room Kits track the active speaker and automatically frame the image of that person. Using artificial intelligence, Cisco Room Kits can switch between and frame speakers more quickly as meetings progress.

You can stream to an unrestricted number of teammates through Cisco Meeting Server. You can even stream to all of your customers on Facebook or YouTube. You can record meetings to edit and share later through Vbrick. Cisco Meeting Server records the raw meeting content and pushes it to Vbrick, which uses your directory and permissions to manage and distribute your content. This helps make sure you can get your crucial information to everyone.

Cisco Meeting Server plays well with others. It’s fully interoperable with any standards-based video endpoint as well as with Lync or Skype for Business. Anyone with a standards-based system connecting to Cisco Meeting Server will enjoy our easy-to-use front-end experience. With our dual-home solution, people using Skype for Business or Office 365 can connect while maintaining the user experience they are familiar with. Everyone connects with audio, video, and content sharing while enjoying the familiar experience of their existing system to simplify connection across video systems.

I work for Cisco from Raleigh, North Carolina, and I collaborate daily with my team leader in England and other teammates across the world. I’m experiencing how simple collaborating across continents can be with online meetings and video.

Cisco offers one of the top on-premises video solutions in the industry. Gartner recently named Cisco a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions based on our “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision.” Download the report to learn more.

To ensure your organization has smooth meeting experiences, upgrade to Cisco Meeting Server 2.3. Enable your company to use our latest technology to make work simpler. As the new release makes meetings more scalable, accessible, and user-friendly, now is the time to upgrade.

Learn more about the latest edition of Cisco Meeting Server. Find out how Cisco Services can help simplify the upgrade process.


Suzanne Phillips

Education Business Development Manager

Global Industry Solutions Group