Keith Baldwin

Technical Solutions Architect

Cross Domain and Network Security for Enterprise Networking

Keith is a Technical Solutions Architect covering a role in Cross Domain and Network Security for Enterprise Networking within North America at Cisco Systems. He is responsible for solution design of Enterprise Networking within the Sales Engineering Practice. Primarily focused on Software Defined Access with DNA Center as it applies to a multi domain and segmented environments and how to apply automation and programmability within the Enterprise through orchestration. Keith concentrates his talents on network automation and programmability, and the use of Python driven REST-APIs to deploy and automate. Additionally building working demonstrations that show the art of the possible and assisting customers in transforming the network infrastructure to something that is simple, supple, scalable, and secure. Keith holds a number of Cisco Certifications including a CCDE and CCIE's in Routing & Switching and Wireless and has helped contribute to those programs as well as the Cisco Business Architecture program. CCDE: 20170057 CCIE (RS&W): 35439


May 26, 2021


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