AI developer

May 1, 2024


Which Programming Language to Choose for AI?

5 min read

Python? C++? Java? JavaScript? R? Julia?... As is usually the case, it depends on your context, methods, and use-case which programming language is right for your AI project.

April 2, 2024


Build for Better Code Challenge Focuses on AI and Sustainability

3 min read

AI driven applications focused on energy consumption, smart buildings, and green coding are increasingly in demand. Do you want to try a project?.. Get help from mentors?.. Join the Build for Better Code Challenge.

March 14, 2024


“Build for Better” – Revolutionize Sustainability with AI, Observability, and Cisco Tech

2 min read

Join the "Build for Better" sustainability coding challenge and build energy-efficient solutions that could be the catalyst for a greener and more sustainable future.

March 6, 2024


Using the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Augment Network Automation

8 min read

The integration of artificial intelligence into network operations has opened up unprecedented levels of efficiency, predictive analysis, and decision-making capabilities. Get a glimpse into the future of network operation, with practical knowledge on harnessing the power of AI to augment network automation.

February 20, 2024


Accessing the Power of AI-led Digital Transformation with API Abstraction

3 min read

See how this year, like no other, organizations will tap into APIs to sidestep the complexity and cost of developing and maintaining their own AI solutions and models.