September 6, 2017


Vulnerability Spotlight: Content Security Policy bypass in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Apple Safari

1 min read

The vulnerabilities were discovered by Nicolai Grødum of Cisco. Today, Talos is releasing details of vulnerabilities discovered in Microsoft Edge browser as well as older versions of Google Chrome (CVE-2017-5033) and browsers based on the Webkit such as Apple Safari (CVE-2017-2419). An attacker may be able to exploit the vulnerabilities and bypass the Content Security […]

September 15, 2015


When Does Software Start Becoming Malware?

6 min read

This post was authored by Earl Carter, Alex Chiu, Joel Esler, Geoff Serrao, and Brandon Stultz. Defining what is malware relies on determining when undesirable behavior crosses the line from benign to clearly unwanted. The lack of a single standard regarding what is and what is not acceptable behavior has established a murky gray area […]