On August 22, 2016 Chris Dedicoat, Cisco’s Executive Vice-President of Worldwide Sales, took to the main stage at #CiscoGSX in Las Vegas and told the entire Cisco Sales force to “demo with dCloud!”. What happened next? I can tell you exactly what happened next, because I had duty at the dCloud booth. A lot of people who had never used dCloud stopped by to ask us how they could get started with dCloud.cisco.com

Even more satisfying than the sudden interest from hundreds of new users (sparked by the invitation from the boss to use our services) was getting to celebrate the successes of sales leaders who were already winning with dCloud – smart, hard-working people like Scott Hanson, Jeremy Bresley and Brian Narcum, who already knew about Cisco’s best kept secret.

Cisco dCloud for Employees Partners and CustomersCisco dCloud is a cloud-based self-service platform that provides Customers, Partners, and Cisco employees with a powerful way to experience Cisco solutions. It is mentioned as a cost-saving, sales-accelerating, innovative platform in Inder Sidhu’s book “The Digital Revolution”. Other examples of iconoclasts referenced in this book are Tesla and Airbnb. dCloud is featured in a chapter packed with ideas on how to save companies money during the selling process. We make demos and provide content to help you, your Partners, and your Customers build your own labs, so you can experience the best of Cisco anytime, anywhere.


Have you heard of “Digital Transformation”?  That is what we do.

social media listening center cisco headquartersSome of our best friends are Systems Engineers. This “special relationship” is built on years of providing the digital tools the Field needs, in order to be successful. More recently, we have branched out on social media, to increase our real-time listening efforts. We have a world-class Support team, and we pride ourselves on internal and external service delivery excellence. But we also want to partner with you before there is a problem. That is why we welcome your ideas on our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine; YouTube.

As part of our digital community activities, we are partnering with Cisco’s Systems Engineering #CiscoSE Organization to host the October 26 (9:30 a.m. California time) #CiscoChat, guests include:

Doug Good, VP Americas Systems Engineering, @dgood68
Ben Martin, Systems Engineering Manager, @benmarti35
Michael Lipsey, Consulting Systems Engineer, @ccie42683
Fareed Fakoor, Systems Engineer, @cciepending

Come hear about best practices and winning examples that you can share with your Partners and Customers right away!

“dCloud has had a tremendous impact on giving time back to our SEs. No longer do they need to scrounge for equipment and spend time installing applications and operating systems. Instead, they can almost instantly access a wide variety of demos, training, and other resources. dCloud has also changed the way that we train our SEs, as we do more SE bootcamps. Rather than shipping gear between offices, we now leverage dCloud!“ – Ben Martin

Remember what Chris said: This is our year to go #FullSpeed with Cisco #dCloud. Join the #CiscoChat to let us know how you’re already winning.




Silvia Karina Spiva

Thought Leader

Influencer Marketing