Technology innovation is advancing faster than ever before in history.  With this rapid growth, the number of devices and network connections can become overwhelming to manage.

To bring to life just how staggering this growth is, Gartner predicts that by 2020, 63 million new devices will connect to enterprise networks every single second.[1]  Considering that the average adult heart beats about 42 million times per year, it’s absolutely mind blowing to think that more network connections will happen in a split second than our heart will beat in an entire year!

Managing and securing this sheer volume of connections is enough to have even the most experienced IT professionals pulling their hair out.  The fact that devices running on the network are very diverse, operating on different protocols and standards only adds to the complexity.  The number of new connections multiplies every day, incorporating both hardware and software in the form of routers, switches, IP cameras, alarms, digital signs, sensors, and a multitude of other mobile and wireless devices.  And, let’s admit it… we all take the network for granted, expecting it to always work.

This massive network growth places greater demands on limited IT resources, already stretched too thin.  Now more than ever, enterprises need expert guidance and support so they can minimize risks often associated with managing increasingly complex networks.  As your trusted advisor, Cisco Services can help mitigate these risks so you can continue to innovate, compete and stay nimble.

Intent-based networking introduces a whole new era for the network.  It’s a network that understands what you need and makes it happen without having to do thousands of manual tasks. It’s about automation, assurance and machine learning on an open, secure platform.  Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™) is your bridge to an intuitive intent-based network.  The great news is that most Cisco routers, switches and wireless systems support Cisco DNA today or with a software update. Cisco DNA Center provides centralized management for complete control of the network.  See “5 Reasons why Cisco DNA Center is your Network Lifeline”.

Whether your staff can do it all themselves, needs expert guidance or prefers to have Cisco completely manage your network, we’ve got the right solution every step of the way.

Our team of Cisco Services experts will help accelerate your intent-based networking journey so you can adopt Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) with greater ease and confidence.

Wherever you are on your journey, we’ll help you:

  • Create a technology roadmap and strategy that aligns to your business and IT requirements
  • Drive business productivity with end-to-end network visibility
  • Migrate to an intuitive and secure intent-based network with a Cisco validated integration plan
  • Build your in-house expertise with new network knowledge and training for your IT staff
  • Keep your network running smoothly with best-in-class solution-level and technical support

Read our new Services for DNA eBook to get started and remember… you’re not alone on this journey!


[1] Michael J. Miller, “Gartner: Building Platforms for a Digital Society”, PC Magazine, October 17, 2016



Barb Rigel

Marketing Manager

Internet of Things, Connected Transportation