I invite you to join us at Cisco Live on June 9. It’ll be my first Cisco Live, and I can’t wait to meet and talk with you. You won’t be disappointed – we have an action-packed few days of talks, demos and celebrations.

As you build out your agenda for the big event, here are five things you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

1. Get inspired by innovation

Day two’s General Session keynote is called “Innovation Without Boundaries,” and without giving too much away, I can tell you it delivers in spades. In particular, look out for the story of how Rakuten Mobile is working shoulder-to-shoulder with a team from Cisco Customer Experience (CX) to push past conventions and build a world-first 5G-ready network that’s cloud-based, fully virtualized, and fully automated.

If you want to learn more about how they and other customers are making it happen, join me and Ulf Vinneras for our Innovation Talk “Foresee the unpredictable. Automate the unmanageable. Answer the unsolvable.” We’ll dive deep into how Cisco CX is using automation and machine learning to help customers transform their business be giving them more control of their network, time back to innovate and delivering new experiences.

It’s on Tuesday, June 11 at 1pm. Register here, or catch the livestream on cisco.com, no login required! For a sneak peek of the content, tune in to the The Modern Customer Podcast with a customer experience expert and author Blake Morgan to learn how innovation is reshaping the future of CX.

Play the episode here:


2. Try out a real 5G deployment through the magic of VR

If you’re inspired by hearing Rakuten’s story during the keynote, come and find out more about this ground-breaking project — and try your hand at your own 5G network deployment in our unique VR experience!

While you’re there, stop in to the Co-Lab Café for a latte, and explore inspiring stories of how different organizations, from multinational bank BBVA to precision manufacturer Zeiss, are transforming their businesses.

Get your game on at the CX Zone in the World of Solutions, or discover more customer stories here.

3. See how analytics and automation can transform your IT lifecycle

Whether you’re in an architecture, engineering or operations teams, you play a critical role in helping your organization get value from IT. And now, there’s a service from Cisco CX designed to fit that role and give you exactly what you need to be more successful, every day: Business Critical Services.

You get a personalized view of your most relevant infrastructure KPIs, advanced automated capabilities to support activities like testing and fault diagnostics, and access to Cisco experts to support with everything from security readiness to architecture planning. Register for the session Imagine this. Getting results that matter to you most, faster, Monday June 10 at 8am for the perfect overview of Business Critical Services. Then get hands-on with the service in the CX Zone.

4. Discover how to accelerate network transformation

Time and again, when we talk to customers, they are excited by the potential that intent-based networking holds, but they want to know how best to make the leap. Well, here’s your chance to find out.

Join us for Transform Your Network with End-to-End Expert Guidance on Tuesday, June 11 at 3pm for an overview of the help available at each stage of the journey, from strategy and implementation to training and ongoing network optimization. We’ll cover wireless, WAN, access and more.

Register for the session here, or find out more about our lifecycle services here.

5. Meet the ninjas behind the NOC

At Cisco CX, we know exactly what you’re going through when you’re working on a big project — because we do it ourselves! For every Cisco Live event, our team stands up a cutting-edge network that not only supports the Wi-Fi for you and 20,000 other attendees across the campus but supports all the Cisco and partner demos and other activities going on onsite. Visit the NOC to find out how CX makes it happen, including the processes and automation tools we use to make sure everything runs smoothly and securely.

Want to get our take on your own projects? We’re happy to help. Our Technical Solutions Clinic is a drop-in, no-appointment-necessary opportunity for you to quiz Cisco engineers about any technical topic, big or small. These guys are used to solving problems under pressure, so why not put them to the test?

Find the NOC in the Cisco Showcase, and the Technical Solutions Clinic in the Sails Pavilion.

Catch all the action online

Can’t be there on site? No problem. There are loads of ways to stay in the know. Follow the livestream to get the big sessions right on your desktop, or for news from around the show, catch Cisco CX on social media.



Alvio Barrios

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience

CX Future Technology & Investments