We’re here to help you turn technology into your business outcomes, whether you’re leaping into the unknown with a bold new idea, or revamping mission-critical infrastructure in flight.  

We help you do it faster, with less risk and greater efficiency, so you get the results you envisioned. 


Help at every stage of your journey


No matter what stage of the lifecycle you’re at, whether you’re focused on optimizing your current investments, or making the most audacious transformations, we bring unmatched technical expertise at every stage of your technology journey. Here’s how we do it: 

Active learning for every IT professional

As the world of IT changes, many professionals find themselves falling behind. In fact, 93 percent of CIOs say a skills gap is holding back their transformations. We believe learning should be embedded into every role and be flexible to suit every situation. We’ve simplified our world-renowned certification program– as well as growing our on-demand video learning and on-the-job knowledge transfer –which means your teams are equipped for success.

At Cisco Live US, we announced a whole new approach to active learning for IT professionals. Find out more here.

Trusted support for any situation

Day to day, your team manages a host of operational tasks. Sometimes these tasks run smoothly, and sometimes there’s an unexpected bump in the road. Whether you need replacement hardware or configuration advice, we’re here to help. Cisco CX has thousands of the best engineers around the world with the deep technical knowledge of Cisco and third-party products to rapidly solve any problem.

Our automated tools can even proactively

detect and prevent many issues occurring

in the first place.

Expert resources at every stage of your project

At Cisco, our people are the differenceAt your fingertips is a wealth of human expertise: digitized intellectual property, documentation and blueprints built up over thousands of customer projects, married to industry best practice and proven methodologies, and shared learnings from our nearly 30,000 experts. 

And alongside that, a phenomenal store of live and historical telemetry data from your infrastructure and from Cisco devices in production networks around the world, crunched by intelligent machine learning systems, and made accessible via visualizations and APIs so you can act on it. 

Only Cisco can provide this powerful combination. But we’re not doing it alone. 

Our mission is to deliver the best customer

experience in the industry — and to do so together

with the partners that you work with every day.

Later this year we’re launching new CX certifications and training for Cisco partners to help them build their own customer experience practices. This will include training for new roles like Customer Success Manager, based on best practices from our own experiences here at Cisco.  

Insights and analytics to support every decision

Are there any faults in your infrastructure? Have you got enough capacity? Are all your devices configured in accordance with policy? Will that new version cause a conflict? What equipment is going end-of-life soon? What’s the right fix for that problem?  

These are the kinds of questions that you need fast, accurate answers to.

Our analytics and automation tools help you

get answers, and act on them,

faster than ever before.

They can empower you to push a compliance reconfiguration across a network in minutes, automate testing, and even predict which devices are likely to fail. 

Insights in action: Business Critical Services updated 

Business Critical Services gives your architecture, engineering and operations teams instant access to infrastructure platform insights through the Business Critical Insights Portal. We’re introducing new functions for DevOps, SecOps and NetOps, plus targeted help from Cisco experts during key lifecycle events, such as change window support, incident management, and strategy and design reviews.

This means you can achieve more at every step of

your technology journey.

You can find out more about many of these new innovations and what they can do for you here. 


Maria Martinez

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Cisco Systems