#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists, hosted by Cisco’s Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja). This week we’re talking about Cisco TACOPS (@CiscoTACOPS) which connects the unconnected in the middle of crisis, anywhere in the world.

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Cisco Subject Matter Expert: Rakesh Bharania, Network Consulting Engineer on TACOPS Team (@densaer)
Cisco Champion: Jonathan Davis, Network Planning Analyst (@subnetwork)

How quickly can TACOPS get up and running to respond to an emergency
What does the TACOPS NERV Truck look like and what’s inside of it?
How does TACOPS responds to natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina?
What other portable equipment/tech does TACOPS use to respond to emergencies?
What are the SPIDERMAN rules?
What’s DIRT?

aconaway TacOps is my dream job.
subnetwork that makes two of us
CommsNinja I kind of want the NERV truck
CommsNinja But not so much the crisis.
subnetwork as your daily driver?
Billyc5022 is it MERV ?
subnetwork nerv
CommsNinja NERV
rbharani NERV
CommsNinja Be thinking up questions!
aconaway Q: How do I get a job with TacOps?
CommsNinja http://www.cisco.com/web/about/doing_business/business_continuity/tacops.html
CommsNinja https://www.facebook.com/cisco.tacops
CommsNinja LOL, we will get to that Aaron.
Billyc5022 Can I drive the NERV ?
Billyc5022 Can #CiscoChampions volunteer ?
aconaway Q: Does TacOps work with EOCs outside of an emergency situations to advise/tech emergency preparedness?
subnetwork EOC’s?
aconaway Emergency Ops Centers.
aconaway I meant “teach”. LOL
subnetwork lol
subnetwork my yeti keeps delaying the unmute function for some reason
CommsNinja I am slow unmute myself.
aconaway Sounds fine, man.
subnetwork thanks
aconaway Q: Does TacOps provide Bill of Materials for building their own Emergency Communications Kits?
subnetwork I was just about to ask that!
subnetwork so obviously it is a great question
aconaway JINX!
subnetwork Denise, you can jump it. I don’t think you are muted.
aconaway Q: Who makes the call to send a NERV (or whatever) to a site for support? (Did we cover that?)
Fish14 I’m just listening, Dude
Fish14 it’s really really really cool stuff
aconaway Q: How many MPG does the NERV get?
aconaway Q: Is TacOps doing a breakout session at #clus again this year?
aconaway Too bad.
CommsNinja unmuting you Billy–get your questions ready!
aconaway I’m running out of questions.
Billyc5022 ok
CommsNinja LOL. I have more.
subnetwork dang it…I knew you were going to ask that!
CommsNinja YES!
aconaway Great question!
CommsNinja 5-7 minutes and I’m wrapping this up. Last call!
RickVanover Like a boss. 45 minutes late
CommsNinja welcome Rick, ask a question, win a prize.
RickVanover Where’s the Taco? Hold the PS.
RickVanover (JOKE OVER)
RickVanover One good example of making the community better – Props to Microsoft for the Volunteer events before their TechEd event…
RickVanover Attendees can add a community service day, to the cities where the event is held.
CommsNinja Good shout out Rick.
subnetwork any other questions?
RickVanover Can I just pop in with a question?
subnetwork yes
RickVanover (on audio)
RickVanover cool – at this end of thought I have one
subnetwork ok, just checking
CommsNinja you are unmuted so feel free to jump in when there’s a break Rick.
RickVanover coo
aconaway Helping people instead of your company…I love it.
CommsNinja that’s a great story, and great sentiment. People behind data points.
subnetwork I think that is the draw for people like Aaron and me…knowing the data really matters in a big way.
subnetwork rather than “the internet is slow on my phone”
Fish14 I agree with you two
Fish14 what is behind the packet?
CommsNinja well said
aconaway I’m inspired here. It’s time to contact my county EMA to get involved.
Fish14 AWESOME topic
subnetwork yep
Fish14 thanks TONS #Cisco Champion for organizing this
Stilgar Really wonderful story!
aconaway Thanks, Rakesh!
RickVanover If you find a cool Black Comms Truck – You found the right page for TACOPS
aconaway Woohoo!
rbharani Cisco TACOPS on Twitter: @CiscoTACOPS (I’m @densaer)
rbharani www.facebook.com/cisco.tacops
RickVanover http://twitter.com/CiscoTACOPS
aconaway I’ll be there at the NERV!
Fish14 heck yea
Fish14 CiscoChampion tweet up in the NERV
CommsNinja FlashMob!
Stilgar LOL


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