Are you ready to TURN IT UP? Cisco Live Global 2021 starts next week on March 30th, and we’re so excited to “see” you at this premier event. Get ready to turn up the excitement, the inspiration, the education, and the fun! Cisco Live will feature keynotes, technical sessions, innovation talks, demonstrations in the “World of Solutions,” celebrity appearances, and more. If you have not already done so, please register today!

The Cisco Live Partner Early Access Experience is now live! In advance of Cisco Live, log on today and get access to sessions, including mine with Cisco SVP of Customer and Partner Experience Engineering, Tony Colon, and Cisco VP of CX Partner Practice, Denzil Samuels. You’ll hear about Driving Business Outcomes with Cisco Customer Experience (CX) to turn up your profitability and growth and see how we win together with CX! Also don’t miss Susie Wee’s (SVP, DevNet) talk about how we enable customers and partners to Architect for Agility to handle the changing needs that we’re all facing. Topics include automation, full-stack observability, enabling the Edge and built-in security.

Delivering customer success is a critical component of TURNING IT UP. So, we have developed a CX Partner eBook guide to highlight where CX shows up at Cisco Live. Bookmark it and come back for post-event resources and next steps – we will also post it on SuccessHub.

We can’t wait to join you at Cisco Live Global 2021 next week! And we look forward to your feedback on the content, announcements, and your experience, as well as any questions you may have at Ask_CX_Partners@Cisco.com.

Check out additional resources to accelerate your growth at Partner Transformation and our Global Partner Stories that demonstrate the solutions and expertise of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem paired with Cisco’s innovative technology. Together, we will continue to perform the actions that drive our business while transforming for tomorrow!


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Julia Chen

Vice President

Global Partner Transformation