In the digital world, growth is more than just increasing the top line. For our partners who serve small to mid-sized (SMB) customers, growth can mean anything from reaching new markets to extending their relevance. In order to succeed, these partners need a knowledgeable and trusted supplier who can help them increase their revenues, while not making their operational costs soar.

This is why I’m excited to announce our new Express Specialization—SMB track!

As an SMB Specialized partner, your customers know you understand their concerns and can deliver a solution that works best for their business. This is a great way for you to create long-lasting relationships with your customers that can lead you to new recurring revenue.

Our research shows the total SMB addressable market – globally – is now over $7 billion…and continues to grow! The new SMB track will give you deeper knowledge of our key solutions that matter most to SMB customers, such as collaboration, security, networking (on-premise and cloud), and data center.

With the expertise you gain, you’ll be able to help customers achieve their business outcomes – leading you to earning discounts, rebates, and rewards.

As SMB customers work to ensure the continued evolution of their business they are looking for suppliers who can give this ongoing support. The new Express Specialization—SMB track will differentiate your business by promoting your segment-specific expertise in the marketplace and build long-term customer to partner relationships, specifically geared toward the cross-architecture expertise customers need.

Benefits to you

The new Express Specialization—SMB track gives you access to many benefits:

  • Complete one Express Specialization track and become a Select Certified partner
  • Get access to discounts, rebates, and rewards
  • Grow your brand using our partnership logo to promote your expertise
  • Grab new software and service opportunities
  • Build customer loyalty and stickiness with software offerings
  • Establish new recurring revenue streams
  • Access SMB selling playbook, sales kits, and other partner resources on  Sales Connect

Learn more about our Express Specialization portfolio and our new SMB track.


Sandra Flinders

Senior Director

Global Partner Programs