Logicalis and Cisco have been delivering solutions to our mutual customers for over 20 years. That said, the needs of our customers continue to evolve, as they change what they buy, how they buy, and where they buy. For example, as technology becomes more sophisticated, customers increasingly look to buy outcomes and experiences in flexible ways. This is driving a market shift toward more consumption of as-a-service, SaaS, and managed services offerings. Customers are turning to managed services and as-a-service consumption to help remove the roadblocks that prevent them from focusing on their core businesses.

These trends are moving customers toward the Logicalis and Cisco joint value proposition. For years, Logicalis has leveraged Cisco’s world-class hardware, software, and APIs, combining them with Logicalis’ own market-leading menu of value-added services. This approach ultimately delivers IT service outcomes and provides customers the flexibility and simplicity they need to succeed. In addition, Logicalis provides the trusted advisors customers are seeking to help them meet their challenges and accelerate delivery of their desired business outcomes.

As a proof point of the success customers experience in working with Logicalis as a Cisco partner, Logicalis was honored with 18 awards across all regions at the Cisco Partner Summit 2021. These awards recognized Cisco’s top-performing channel partners globally who rise to business challenges, executing superior business practices and best-in-class methodologies.

To help highlight the value customers gain from working with Logicalis and Cisco, this blog describes two example use cases in high demand by businesses today: workplace transformation and end-to-end security.

Accelerating workplace transformation

It’s no secret that many businesses are transforming their workplaces to include remote and hybrid work models. This transformation challenges companies to implement the tools employees need to be productive and engaged no matter where they are working. This can often require overhauling several systems–such as IT and accounting–with an eye to building end-to-end security into systems and processes.

Unfortunately, building an internal team with the bandwidth and skill sets needed for workplace transformation can be quite challenging and cost ineffective for most businesses. A more effective approach is to engage with a managed services provider–such as Logicalis–that brings to the engagement extensive expertise, experience, and the strategic partnerships needed to successfully complete a workplace transformation project. This approach significantly simplifies the work for the customer and reduces the length of the project timeline from planning through implementation.

In fact, Logicalis provides a seamless experience with a single point of contact, helping customers navigate the complex IT landscapes often encountered in workplace transformation projects. For example, in a representative workspace transformation project, Logicalis–leveraging Webex–helped to create a new learning experience and enhance digital learning capabilities for the 13,000 students at Youngstown State University in Ohio.

At launch, approximately 90 percent of the students were still learning in person. Fortunately, the decision to deploy digital learning was launched at the right time because the pandemic later forced the university to shift to remote education. To meet this need, Logicalis and Cisco quickly scaled the Webex adoption cost effectively, helping educators to teach, meet, and interact with students no matter where they were.

End-to-end security

It’s also no secret that security is critically important for businesses due to the increasing numbers and sophistication of cyber attacks and breaches. Consequently, businesses need to make standing up strong security defenses a top priority. However, taking a traditional approach to security–building a fortress and putting everyone securely behind it–clearly doesn’t work in this modern world of remote workplaces and always-on digital lifestyles.

In addition, there is a severe shortage of the skilled security talent needed to stand up these security defenses. The implication here is that companies must rely more and more on software and automation to help identify and remediate security threats, while also needing access to the proper skill sets to implement and manage this software and automation.

Here again Logicalis provides an answer, with deep experience in and the right skill sets to implement end-to-end security solutions for its customers, leveraging Cisco security software and automation offerings.

When done correctly, security can become a business enabler, helping businesses take advantage of market opportunities with confidence. Logicalis can help companies embed security into all elements of their technology environment, automating where it makes sense, so they can focus their limited resources on meeting strategic business outcome objectives.

Global knowledge, local execution

As one of Cisco’s five Global Gold Certified Partners, Logicalis is trusted around the world to deliver the expertise and business outcomes customers rely upon. Logicalis combines its global presence with a local touch, bringing exceptional knowledge of technology, business, and the industry to customize solutions in every mutual customer engagement. Complementing this approach, Logicalis employs over 130 Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts that bring deep knowledge of Cisco offerings to their engagements.

Listen in on this on-demand Truth in IT webinar, “Managing Risk: Empowering employees and enabling innovation” to learn insights around security from Logicalis and Cisco.


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Enrique Brime

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