Hello Cisco Partners!

Next week you will have the chance to participate in what will be for many a new revenue stream based on the booming IoT market with Cisco’s IoT Connect event for partners. Cisco globally has approximately 21% of the rapidly growing IoT market and will continue to invest and innovate to lead the market and provide an opportunity for partners to drive incremental revenue.

As you look at your own business, there are opportunities in carpeted and non-carpeted areas. Due to the pandemic, modernization/digitization plans that had a five-year lead time and are now being implemented immediately. Short-term stop-gap IT crisis measures are becoming mainstream, and contributing to a new way of doing business can result in huge profitability implications.

IoT is one of the areas you should invest in as a Cisco practice. There are different levels of investment and execution you can take, but IoT should be high on your list as an extension of your current offerings.

Cisco is making investments in IoT by adding and focusing on development, engineering, and sales resources to address market demand. We are also adding partner programs, Black Belt Academy, and other training, incentives, rebates, and customer success stories to accelerate your time to revenue recognition.

Besides the great IoT portfolio currently available, you will see additional announcements from Cisco regarding IoT innovations over the next few quarters. So, make sure you’re building out the steps now to driving IoT solutions for Enterprise, then support the OT Buyers in the Extended Enterprise, and ultimately master the advanced, industry-specific Use Cases at the edge.

Register and attend the Cisco IoT Connect event (AmericasEMEAR & Asia Pacific) and visit the Sales Connect hub for IoT.

Let’s build profitable partnerships together!


Jason W. Gallo

VP of Partner Go-to-Market Acceleration

Global Partner and Routes to Market Sales