Want to watch cartoons? VEM Sistemi’s customers do. When this Italian partner had Cisco marketing dollars, they created some animated videos for their digital marketing strategy. These focused on a character named Elliot (Ell-IoT – see what they did there?).

Engagement shot up. Millions of views. Hundreds of thousands of downloads. Bookings of IoT solutions increased.

How did they do it? Watch the making of Elliot.

VEM Sistemi says…

Selling IT is a competitive business. Unless you have something that sets you apart, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. We wanted show customers a future where things, data, processes, and people are interconnected. To allow them to experience digital transformation.

Marketing at VEM is going digital –  real-time and social communication. To do that and explain a complex subject like IoT, we had to find a way that was exciting but also immediate and simple, like a cartoon.

A single video wouldn’t work. So, we designed a miniseries that shows the advantages of IoT -both in work and in private life – making fun of the lack of technology with a fun character. We named him Elliot (Ell-IoT).

We watch him in two worlds. First, the present day: technology works okay, but not great. And then hyper-connected, showing how the solutions we build using Cisco make Elliot’s life better.

The videos have been a great success, thanks to the supporting social campaign. Not only does this position us as an IoT systems integrator and trusted advisor, but it’s increased the sales of our IoT projects.

Thanks, VEM Sistemi! And congratulations on your Marketing Velocity Award at last Partner Summit.

Want to see Elliot in action? Check out his IoT Stories.

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Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing