When the telephone rings in the IT department, you can bet there’s an unhappy user on the other end.

“I can’t connect.”

“My app won’t load.”

“The network keeps kicking me off.”

“The wireless has been flakey for two weeks.”

The only thing more certain than dissatisfied users is a frustrated IT department, aimlessly slogging through mountains of network data hoping to bump into a quick solution.

Network IT managers are guilty until proven innocen. Consistently, the network is blamed for the application, service, device or even the user error. Without tools to efficiently diagnose network issues, they are overwhelmed by the enormous amounts of network data. They need a simple way to correctly diagnose issues, get users back to work, minimizes escalations and allows IT to focus more time on strategic business projects.

Enter, Cisco DNA Center Assurance

Cisco is unlocking the power of network data to help IT isolate, diagnose and repair network problems quickly AND prevent them in the future.

Remember when a folded, paper map was the way you planned your automobile trips? Today, online maps like Google Maps provide alternative driving routes, walking, bus and bicycle times, and suggestions for food, lodging and fuel. Apps like WAZE add data real time like speeding traps and traffic hazards making online maps even more intelligent. This rich data allows drivers to see around corners and avoid unhappy surprises. The additional information is properly organized with context, so drivers have exactly what they need when and where they need it, preventing wasted time and frustration.

Cisco DNA Center Assurance gives IT departments the context they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Today, IT managers live and breathe manual trouble shooting—43 percent of their day! Box-by-box. Connection-by-connection. Today, Cisco is enabling “everything as a sensor” and compiling network intelligence with powerful new technologies. This aggregated intelligence is compiled in simple and actionable dashboards that gives network managers a comprehensive view of network performance—effectively looking around corners to avoid problems. They can see the most urgent network, client and application issues and quickly drill down to the root cause and resolution, shrinking hours of work down to minutes.

Our industry-leading, comprehensive network insights are comprised of:

  • Cisco DNA Center Assurance – new software delivered on the Cisco DNA Center Appliance that enables IT to get a full state contextual view with historical, real-time, and proactive insights across users, devices, applications, on both wired and wireless networks.
  • Aironet Active Sensor – new compact wireless sensor that simulates real-world client experiences, so IT can validate wireless performance in DNA Center Assurance for critical venues like conferences or for VIP clients and ensure there are no surprises. It provides high-fidelity insight at ground level.
  • Wi-Fi analytics for iOS – this exclusive partnership with Apple allows a Cisco network to get the client point of view of the network, what APs it sees, reasons for disconnections, and the current state of the user experience, provided through Cisco DNA Center Assurance.

The name – Assurance – says it all.

From the client to the application, Cisco’s comprehensive network analysis ensures that the network is running as expected. Cisco DNA Center Assurance unlocks the power of network data, making the most of the dynamic network graph. Like online map functions that automatically update, Assurance is cloud-based to ensure the latest information is available. Assurance also maintains the full state of information for 14 days, to provide a historical perspective which is also crucial to an effective diagnosis.

Only Cisco can offer the comprehensive, end-to-end network analysis from user, device, network and application.

Give back time to your Network IT department and arm them with an industry-leading weapon – Cisco’s DNA Center Assurance.

Finally, they can confidently say, “ It is not a network problem, and I can prove it!”

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Sachin Gupta

Senior Vice President, Product Management

Cisco Intent-Based Networking Group