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No one could have planned for the current business reality. As we deal with the uncertainty of the day-to-day, it can be difficult to look ahead and know how the future will play out. For businesses, a situation like this has exposed gaps in processes, shortcomings of infrastructures and capacity restraints that need to be addressed quickly. What to do? We need to define a new ‘normal’ for our businesses, sharpen pencils and figure out the impact on budgets and revenues, develop a plan to right the ship and set course to future success.

You are not alone. We are here to help and will meet you – our customers and partners – where you are.

In this time of ambiguity, Cisco Capital is focused on helping alleviate some of the strain felt by businesses as we, a global community, navigate the new landscape. As you assess your technology infrastructure and what is needed to secure, maintain and grow, you need to understand the options that are available for you to overcome the challenges and come out the other side stronger and more secure.

Equipping your business with the technology you need is not limited by what you have in your checking account. There are programs available that can help you manage payments and cash flow, spread payments over time, and provide flexible end of term options. All are meant to alleviate strain. Here are flexible payment and technology lifecycle options that are available today to address your most pressing challenges.

Bundled Solutions: Finance your entire Cisco solution on one easy-to-manage contract with a single invoice for simplicity. Cisco hardware, software and services along with select 3rd party solutions can be included in the payment solution.
Predictable Payments: Invest in needed technology solutions now and spread the payments over the life of the asset with flexible payment solutions.
Payment Deferrals: Invest in needed technology while deferring payment for up to 90 days, addressing short term cash flow and liquidity concerns [subject to credit approval].
Competitive Interest Rates: Take advantage of as low as 0% interest rates. We will work with you to ensure access to the most competitive interest rates for your individual business needs.
Consumption: Pay for Cisco technologies as you use them, including data center compute and storage. Dial capacity up or down, and only pay for variable usage when you need it. As you think differently about how you invest in technology, we can help you plan ahead with confidence.

Reduce cost and address urgent needs

Certified Remanufactured Technology: Leverage a lower cost option, meet your sustainability goals and quickly address immediate timeline needs, thereby freeing up capital to be used on other business critical projects. The entire portfolio of Cisco Refresh (certified Cisco) products are remanufactured to the highest quality standards just like new and come with Cisco service options. Please read this blog to learn about how healthcare organizations around the U.S. are benefitting from this program.

These are just some of the flexible payment solutions and lifecycle management models that are available to support your transformation journey.

Contact your Cisco Capital Financial Solutions Manager and/or Cisco Refresh (certified remanufactured technology) Account Manager today to explore how we can partner with you and help you get the technology you need to thrive.


Kristine Snow


Cisco Capital