Today is the final day of a very busy and successful Cisco Live Milan 2014. Read my initial observations from the event earlier this week.

As the event draws to a close, lets look at some of the location analytics available via Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences solution (CMX) and perhaps try to answer some of the following questions about the event.

For this I will just focus on the World of Solutions Show floor – approximately 800,000 sq feet in size, and containing all the Cisco Booths and the partner displays.

  1. How many people actually visited the world of solutions?
  2. How many people did  the different Cisco Booths attract?
  3. Where was the busiest part of the show floor?

These and other insights can be derived from looking at the business intelligence that emerges from CMX.

The World of Solutions Map:


All the Cisco booths are along the back wall with the partners in the front in smaller booths. CMX was configured into different zones for the various Cisco business units and this was used to drive the analytics (Interested in location analytics? Read this whitepaper for a technical overview).


Here each booth is setup as a different zone along with a number of others to analyze the traffic patterns and dwell times.

How many people actually visited the World of Solutions?

Here we can see that approximately 4,800 individual devices were detected in the world of solutions floor on Wednesday 29th of January- this is in the region of 50% of the event visitors.


How many people did  the different Cisco booths attract?

Here is where we can look at things with a little competitive hat on within Cisco.


And looking at the totals over a day gives similar insights

analyticsmilan5a analyticsmilan5b analyticsmilan5c

Clearly, Enterprise Networking, Services and Data Center had most visitors with between 700 and 800.

Where was the busiest part of the show floor?

The combination of heat maps and location analytics gives an interesting insight to the most crowded places.


From this it is clear that the most crowded parts of the World of Solutions Floor was along the center.


This can probably be explained because many people were passing through here on their way to the various booths. Maybe this gives some things to consider for future booth placement at upcoming events?

CMX and location based services was very popular in Milan with a large number of customers visiting the demo at the ENG booth and lots of upcoming trials and early adopter deployment expected to commence in 2014.

Interested in a location-based solution for your organization? Look no further than Cisco CMX. With features including CMX AnalyticsCMX ConnectCMX for Facebook Wi-Fi and CMX Engage, there are endless possibilities for ways you can leverage the Wi-Fi network as a platform for connecting to mobile users in your venue.

For more information on CMX visit: www.cisco.com/go/cmx.


Brendan O'Brien

Director Global Product Marketing

Connected Mobile Experiences