Orlando 2013 being Cisco Live’s largest event yet with over 20000 delegates was where CMX was shown to be a very key part of Cisco’s strategic business solutions offering and was shown right throughout the show from Key note addresses to booth demos, to focussed presentations to whisper suites even to deep customer on to one discussions.

Cisco Chairman & CEO, John Chambers in his keynote address to all the assembled delegates both live and via video link, where he outlined the the vision for tomorrow  by exploring new opportunities and the amazing things that can happen when you connect the previously unconnected, demo’ed the key component that CMX plays in delivering enormous insights and business value to the retail industry.

keynote 1

Taking things a little deeper and more specific in the Hospitality Industry, SVP Enterprise Networking Group, Rob Soderbery in his Keynote, demonstrated a very compelling scenario using CMX to deliver incredible guest experience in a hotel. He showed how CMX can recognize the customer on arrival, wake up the hotel app, offer virtual concierge services, enable automatic checkin, navigation to the room, keyless entry and highly targeted offers.


CMX enables all this along using his preferences and integration with the hotel’s CRM, reservation and marketing systems. A truly compelling and powerful scenario for those of us who travel a lot.

Also at Cisco Live 2013 the wold of solutions theatre featured CMX in a number of forms. The location based analytics was demonstrated both from a retail and hospitality persecutive showing the value and insight that this brings to the industry, in addition we provided a sneak preview of our up coming CMX Browser Engage features where location based services can be delivered directly onto the browser.


I visited the booth a few times during the week and was astounded by the level of activity and customer interest that seemed to be almost non stop. The booth staff did a fantastic job under serious pressure from the relentless volume of interested customers.

Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences is truly ground breaking and from the level of customer interest I observed, and from the depth of conversations with global brands I had during the week, proving to be an enormous hit with the customers – delivering real business value to the enterprise. Monitizing the WiFi investment has been a challenge for many CIO’s and this is now enabling them deliver tangible value and bottom line impact results to their business Executives.

For more about Cisco’s CMX solutions, visit www.cisco.com/go/cmx


Brendan O'Brien

Director Global Product Marketing

Connected Mobile Experiences