A lot has changed…

Our last Manufacturing Leaders podcast was released in March.  Who could have known how different the world would be not long after it was posted?

Like many of you in the industry, Cisco has faced plenty of challenges with the roller coaster this crisis has put us on. Yes, we are fortunate to have one of the best supply chain teams in the world.  But that doesn’t make us immune to the impacts of COVID-19.  It simply makes us a little bit more resilient.

Are there things we wish we would have done differently in hindsight?  Of course.  Did we learn more about what “resilient” means? Absolutely.  But what was most inspiring is the way our technology and people helped many of you, our manufacturing customers, to respond.  To react.  To start to recover.  We’re now spending a majority of our time working through plans with manufacturers on making them more resilient for the next “big change”.

The re-launch of Manufacturing Leaders

It’s the reason we’re excited to bring back the Manufacturing Leaders podcast.  We’ve been learning so much and working with great thought leaders in the industry. We have so many great topics you’ve told us that you want to hear more about.

Mara Fowler and I kick off this new season with a conversation about resiliency in the age of COVID and the impacts on manufacturing.  She’s not only a great interviewer, but a lot of fun to listen to!

Our goal with these podcasts is to not only bring you great content, but great content you want to listen to.  We’ve already got other great topics in the pipeline like edge intelligence, work cell security, and more.  Most importantly, give us feedback.  Let us know what you want to hear about by commenting below.  As my fellow Seattleite Frasier Crane always said “I’m Listening!”

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Wes Sylvester

Vice President, Industry Solutions Group

Cisco Marketing