More than 1,000 different grant programs in the United States award more than $500 Billion dollars each year for education, healthcare, and government. As a result, maximizing your funding opportunities can be a challenge. At Cisco, our Public Funding Office can help identify the grants, bonds, and other funding sources that align to your programs and technology needs.

Public funding as a game changer

My daughter plays competitive soccer in high school. I’ve watched matches where a pivotal play changed a team’s momentum, resulting in a win. In the same way, I see public funding — COVID stimulus funds, grants, E-rate, and bonds — as that pivotal play. And with the explosive growth in wireless technologies in our daily lives, now is the time to make a move.

K-12 schools, institutions of Higher Education, state and local governments, and health care entities can all leverage money available through public sources to provide the supplemental funding they need to implement critical technology improvements. But the process can sometimes be a challenge, especially to those new to the process.

Help with Public Funding questions

Cisco’s Public Funding Office is helping organizations like yours better understand and navigate the growing number of game-changing funding opportunities available to them. Our Public Funding Advisors can help identify the programs that best align with your desired business outcomes and technology needs. Whether the funding originates from Federal stimulus dollars, annual Federal and state grant programs, E-rate, or bonds we are here to help.

If you have technology needs that require more money than what is allocated in your annual budget, let us help. Public funding could be a gamechanger for you.

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Public Funding Advisor