Recently The Economist suggested Miami’s skyline could one day resemble Manhattan. And this could happen sooner than later due to the influx of Latin Americans, as well as Chinese, Europeans and Americans who are moving to Miami, not only to enjoy the weather, but the business opportunities. More than 50 new big towers are in construction right now at the center of Miami.

With the potential for growth in the current environment, transportation services have to be evaluated to ensure that they can serve the expected population, and won’t hinder a community’s expansion efforts.

While the Miami area’s public transportation ridership declined through the challenges of the recession, the accelerated growth that is being experienced now has to be considered as part of the community’s plans to build the Miami of tomorrow. This is why Miami-Dade County officials and Cisco have teamed up to define a strategy that will improve public transportation operations. Collaboratively, the two will begin exploring new operation models, technology and big data.

As part of the overall vision, Cisco and Miami-Dade hope to increase route efficiencies, minimize transfers and create overall smoother and more convenient commutes.

Our motto in Cisco US Public Sector is to help our customers transform how they protect, serve and educate. Delivering practical and easily accessible modes of public transportation systems is a key component of how Miami-Dade will serve its citizens, and I look forward to supporting the progress of this innovative project.

Related to this effort, during this week’s eMerge event in Miami, Cisco is proposing innovative solutions to address some of the challenges that many modern cities face. Be sure to check out the website to learn more.

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Tony Morelli

Vice President, SLED East