In case you missed the news, the 2017 E-rate filing window opened on Monday, February 27th and it will close on May 11th. This means that applicant Form 470s must be posted by April 13th in order to allow the minimum 28-day competitive bidding process.

If E-rate is new to you, or if you need a refresher, there are many resources available to help you understand the program and process. Read on for some helpful tips and information.

How Are Other Schools Using E-rate for Success?

El Centro Elementary School District in rural California used E-rate funding to help them adopt a one-to-one learning environment with a better network and curriculum. They now have some of the highest performing schools in the county and their new solutions have led to unforeseen innovation throughout the district. (Learn more)

The Director of Technology at El Centro Elementary, Antonio Romayor Jr., shared some of their experiences and successes during a recent Cisco event, where we also had John Harrington, the CEO of Funds for Learning, provide an E-rate update. (Watch the recording)

So, What Next?

Visit the USAC website (the E-rate program administrator) for program information and application forms, visit our Cisco E-rate website here, browse and search our database for Cisco product E-rate eligibility, and send any questions to our help desk.

Be on the lookout for more blog posts in the coming weeks that highlight the great things that some of our Cisco customers have been able to do with their E-rate funding!


Stacey Arthur

Public Funding Advisor

U.S. Public Funding Office