The warehouse today isn’t the same as 15 years ago. Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE), connecting people, processes, data and things, has revolutionized manufacturing, distributing and day-to-day operations. Del Papa Distributing, is a family-owned beer and beverage distributor based in Texas City, TX. The connected devices, sensors and nodes, and the data they generate, have helped transform our business giving us greater insight into our warehouses, buildings and delivery vehicles.

One of the biggest benefits in embracing IoE has been the ability to view and analyze data that was previously unavailable, such as real-time monitoring of KWH usage, remote access to security footage, and more. This has opened doors for opportunity and improvement for our organization by allowing warehouse operations staff and personnel to see and make real-time alterations to our systems in order to realize improvements in energy usage, physical security, delivery routes, and so on.

One example of how Del Papa is taking advantage of this is through the use of IP enabled energy sensors that sit on our network. Using Cisco wireless controllers and access points on a core infrastructure of integrated services routers and switches, we are able to track everything from our KWH usage to the temperatures in our keg vaults. The sensors monitor each function in real-time and allow for the data to be manipulated on the front end. Del Papa uses that data to ensure temperature set points are accurate to standards handed down from Anheuser-Busch InBev Brewing, lighting schedules are followed and physical access points like doors and gates are opened and closed in a timely and efficient manner. Since implementing this core infrastructure, Del Papa has seen a 27% aggregate drop in energy usage from 2012-present.

But for our company, more efficient energy usage is just one piece of the greater IoE picture. Never before have our warehouse operation managers had so much visibility or been able to control and analyze so much data from their smartphone.

Another example of this, is how we’re using Cisco’s connected Safety and Security platform (consisting of Video Surveillance and Physical Access Manager) to manage physical security from any device, anywhere in the world. Through tools like Cisco VOIP, TelePresence, and Jabber, our phone system link with our security and surveillance systems allowing for collaboration and control from a single device connected to the Internet. For example a manager can simply open an app on their smartphone or go to the website, login with their credentials, and be able to view live camera feeds and apply changes/updates to physical access policies.

There are many areas where IoE is playing a significant part in improving our business, and the decision to fully embrace IoE ensures that we run our business as efficiently and effectively as possible both today and in the future. More importantly, it allows us exceed the needs of our customers to fulfill our company motto of – “Quality people building brands and friendships…one case at a time.”


Steve Holtsclaw

Director Information Systems, Del Papa Distributing