Simplifying IoT security

A critical element to the success of any network is ensuring and maintaining security – it’s a need that is applicable to all networks and network devices, including those that power Cisco Internet of Things technologies and solutions.

In an effort to simplify cybersecurity and increase device visibility within systems utilized by our IoT customers and partners, Cisco has launched Cisco Cyber Vision – a software security solution for Operations Technology (OT). And to help our customers, partners and developers learn more about how this software works, DevNet has launched a new Cisco Cyber Vision Sandbox and Learning Lab.

Get started with this new offering using the following links:

The Cyber Vision Sandbox will help users test their code, learn more about the Cyber Vision API, and also work hands-on with the technology – helping IoT developers see what use cases this technology could address and what outcomes could be achieved.

How Does Cisco Cyber Vision Work

The Cyber Vision software automates discovery of assets and devices that operate within industrial environments. This allows the technology to provide anomaly detection and monitoring while leveraging an organization’s existing networking infrastructure for rapid deployment. The information gathered by Cyber Vision is then used to easily create segmentation policies in Cisco ISE and DNA Center, ensuring operations remain secure, and businesses can use the vast amount of data being generated by these systems – something that has traditionally been a highly manual effort.

Furthermore, Cyber Vision can be used together with Cisco Firepower and Cisco Stealthwatch to provide a fully integrated IT-OT security solution by Cisco.

Cyber Vision provides visibility into operational activity and events to ensure seamless operations, higher uptime, and safety of industrial operations.

And now, you can examine this new offering directly with DevNet – learn and test via the new Cyber Vision Sandbox or start with our Cyber Vision Learning Lab to assist with understanding API applications via a step-by-step journey.

DevNet + Cyber Vision at Cisco Live Europe 2020

In addition to providing the new sandbox, Cyber Vision will also be among the technologies discussed and demoed in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live Europe Barcelona. The conference begins Jan 27 and visitors to the DevNet Zone can see two demos: one built by the DevNet Co-Creation team that demonstrates the unique functionality of Cyber Vision; the other is built by the Cisco IoT engineering team that shows how Cisco Cyber Vision can be used to ensure security among industrial automation deployments.

Begin your IoT learning journey into Cyber Vision today – online with our new DevNet tools or in-person at Cisco Live Europe with our demos and IoT Developer Advocate team.

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