Cisco’s flagship Developer Conference, DevNet Create, is now in its fourth year.  This year, we are traveling the world (virtually), to bring you content from experts in your region! We will bring you current solutions and futuristic perspectives, presented by global technology and business leaders.

DevNet Create 2020 rolls out around the world, starting with Scott Lee-Guard welcoming you from Wellington, New Zealand. Then, Osama Al-Zoubi introduces the innovators from Cisco EMEAR. DevNet Create 2020 will culminate with Susie Wee, summarizing the day of learning with you, from Silicon Valley.

So, what happens between the beginning and the end?

You choose your own path!

Go to the DevNet Create agenda page. Check out the four content channels. Then select the regional broadcast that works best for you, so you can be awake and alert for it:

  • Asia Pacific region including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, and India.
  • Europe, Middle-East, and Africa;
  • Americas.

It all starts on YOUR October 13, 2020.

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I will be following the hashtag #DevNetCreate, especially on Twitter and LinkedIn. So make sure to share your photos and videos, as you learn something new.

Do a post now, letting us know which channel you plan to spend the most time on:

Be ready to take notes!

As we head into the future, keep this webpage bookmarked: developer.cisco.com/devnetcreate, and continue writing DevNet history with us. Friends of DevNet are the first to hear about special offers, contests, and prizes, such as:

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See you at #DevNetCreate!

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