October 13th is your time to build developer and programmability skills

There is a great slide that DevNet Developer Advocate Matt Denapoli created recently. It’s a “top 10” list of why now is the time to build developer and programmability skills. Each of the 10 reasons are spot-on justifications for strengthening your skills in software and APIs, but my favorite lines on the list are:

  • It’s what all the cool kids are doing
  • Shift in industry towards automation, applications
  • People will think you’re a wizard
  • Cisco is adopting an API first methodology
  • APIs are freaking awesome

APIs – Your gateway to new possibilities and opportunities

Some are solid observations and some are just hilarious. But of all the reasons, I especially like the last one in the list – APIs are freaking awesome. They are a gateway to solving problems, opening up new possibilities and opportunities, and often enabling you to achieve some really cool results.

API could easily stand for Always Promote Innovation. (It doesn’t, but let’s pretend.) Because it could, DevNet has built an entire content channel at the DevNet Create Virtual conference dedicated to “APIs in Action.” The virtual conference takes place October 13th. Broadcasting to a global audience, these sessions are built to demonstrate all the amazing things you can do with Cisco APIs, and show you how to get hands-on with the technology today.

Get hands-on with the latest and greatest APIs coming from Cisco

DevNet’s own Kanwal Komail and I will host the APIs in Action channel. Whether you’re an automation veteran or just starting to explore programmability, we’re excited to have you join us. The APIs in Action channel is a place to learn about the latest and greatest APIs coming from Cisco. From networking to security, Cloud to IoT – you’ll learn how you can utilize these tools to accelerate, automate, or achieve new outcomes. What’s more: each of these sessions is being run by the teams that built these APIs – it’s like a master class directly from the engineers.

Gain insights into the direction of Cisco API development

As DevNet Create plays across the globe, the APIs in Action channel will be delivering great segments on all things API at Cisco. We start with a “Straight from Engineering” session where Stève Sfartz, DevNet’s resident API Architect, talks with the engineering leaders and developers who are building Cisco’s pantheon of API offerings. Here, Stève will deep dive into the strategy and vision of these teams, providing you with insights into the direction of Cisco API development. You’ll also hear about new offers, programs, and tools.

Following the segments hosted by Stève, the APIs in Action channel will shift to technical sessions led by our engineers at Cisco. Here you can learn about APIs for:

A really cool feature of these technical segments is that presenters will show you how to use DevNet Sandboxes and Learning Labs to get hands-on experience with these Cisco APIs and grow your skills.

For those eager to start with some hands-on learning now, please use the above links to start using these APIs today. Another great learning resource that shows you the practical uses of these APIs is the DevNet Automation Exchange. There you’ll find code repositories and automation use cases for Cisco technologies including:

Celebrate the awesomeness – Register now

There are three regional programs to choose from. This lets you join a program that fits your time zone and schedule. Each region – APJC, EMEAR, and AMER – will have 7 hours of content across four channels. Check out the full agenda for each region.

There is so much incredible content to watch at DevNet Create this year – and we’re excited to be able to offer so much in the way of learning when it comes to APIs. Kanwal and I are looking forward to having you with us as we celebrate the awesomeness of APIs. And who knows – maybe you’ll end the day as an API wizard. Either way, you’ll be with the cool kids ?.

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Ryan Rose

Director of Product Management for Skills & Certifications

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