October 13, 2020…what an amazing day it will be. “Why is that,” you ask? Well it just so happens that there are TWO important events happening. Secondly, it is my birthday. And not just any birthday, but my 40th! (A milestone I’ve been looking at side eye’d for awhile.)  Firstly, October 13th is the date for DevNet Create 2020. That’s right… Susie, Mandy, and the rest of the DevNet Team decided to throw a huge birthday party for me and call it DevNet Create 🙂 Talk about making a guy feel loved.

Seriously though, DevNet Create is about celebrating the community of engineers and developers coming together to build – or dare I say CREATE – amazing solutions.

Tune in to the DevNet Create “Creators” Channel

This year I am honored to be hosting the Creators Channel during the conference. The Creators Channel is a full day of technical and lightning talks delivered by members of the extended DevNet Community. And because we’ve gone virtual in 2020, there are three regional programs to choose from. This lets you join a program that fits your time zone and schedule.

Each region – APJC, EMEAR, and AMER – will have 7 hours of content across four channels (see full agenda). Session types include keynotes, lightning talks, technical sessions, and demo jam. You’ll hear from our global developer community in each region – featuring use cases, showing code, and innovations relevant to your region.

How awesome is that?! (I wonder if I can have cake three times that day as well…)

“Don’t miss” speakers and topics

As we’ve been preparing for DevNet Create, I’ve gotten more and more excited about the speakers and topics I’ll be introducing.

You can be sure I’ll be paying close attention and taking notes during:

  • Jason Edelman’s talk “Organizational and Cultural Change for Network Automation.” As the founder of Network to Code, Jason and his team have been helping organizations make this change longer than almost anyone.
  • Taylor Barnett’s talk “Human-in-the-loop Automation” has caught my eye. Because, while we often strive for “complete” automation, we also know that the real world often gets in the way.
  • On the APJC region program, I’m looking forward to learning about “OVAL for Vulnerability Assessment Automation” by Sebastien Pouplin from TATA Communications.

I’ve recently taken a new role as a technical leader for the Labs, Sandbox, and Training Delivery Team within DevCX. A big part of my job is to accelerate the adoption of automation technology, thinking, and processes across our entire organization. Running a public facing service for development labs and training classes has made me very conscious of the importance of staying up to date on security vulnerabilities. So I’ll be listening carefully to what Sebastien has to say.

Check out the full DevNet Create agenda

These are just a few of the excellent talks lined up for DevNet Create. Be sure to checkout the full Agenda for all Channels, and get yourself registered to attend. And don’t forget to explore the talks on all three programs. While some talks take place on more then one stream, every stream is a gold-mine of unique and valuable content.

Discover the latest community innovations in expert-led segments covering topics such as:

  • Automation, DevOps, and Enterprise Transformation
  • Design, User Experience, and APIs
  • IoT, Edge, and Mobile
  • Start Now with Cisco DevNet
  • APIs in Action

Register now to attend!

What talk are you most excited to catch? Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter  or LinkedIn.

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