Are you ready for DevNet Create? It’s right around the corner, October 13th. So register now. This year the conference will be fully virtual, and you’ll get the same unique mix of hands-on learning, interaction with experts, and coding demos that DevNet Create is famous for. Take a look at the full agenda for this year’s virtual conference.

Each region – APJC, EMEAR, and AMER – will have 7 hours of content across four channels. Session types include keynotes, lightning talks, technical sessions, and demo jam. You’ll hear from our global developer community in each region – featuring use cases, showing code, and innovations relevant to the region.

Co-create with Apps and Infrastructure

DevNet Create lets you roll up your sleeves and co-create with apps and infrastructure. It’s an event where you know you’re a part of the DevNet Community – a safe place among friends where you can:

  • Engage with the practitioner-led DevNet community to learn how to use new tools, frameworks, and methodologies
  • Explore the intersection between code and infrastructure
  • Discuss how to approach design, user experience, and APIs
  • Think about, learn about, (and perhaps start building) the next big thing
  • Showcase your own projects that you have built using Cisco APIs
  • Grow your skills, and see how to apply the latest innovations to your job

DevNet Create brings you together with experts, provides hands-on opportunities to figure out the tough technologies, and opportunities to chat with those who are on the same path you walk.

Building your DevNet Create experience

What topics interest you? At DevNet Create, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different tech talks, live demos, lightning talks, and more across four different channels, featuring the following tech topics:

Automation, DevOps, and Enterprise Transformation
Real-time data, AI/ML, and programmable infrastructure are changing the way you do business. Making smart business decisions requires data collection, analysis of that data, and visibility into data. What tools and methodologies help you make the right decisions? How are these new technologies used in the enterprise and what problems are they solving? What kind of data is generated and what business insights are created? And what challenges are you solving in your automation journey?

Design, User Experience, and APIs
Thoughtful design during a project results in an engaging and useful experience for your end-user. This design work is not limited to the end solution but touches on the building blocks necessary to get to that end solution. What methods, tactics, and processes help you keep the ‘user first’ in development experiences?

IoT, Edge, and Mobile
From the data center to IoT and mobile devices, applications and their infrastructure must evolve to meet the new demands of connected devices. Developers and architects have new decisions to make – where an application should run, how the application is deployed, and how to make the application secure. How are you making this a reality in your work environment?

APIs in Action
Hear the latest announcements from technology experts on Cisco APIs in Action. From informal interviews to the latest API updates and features, join Cisco engineering experts for a variety of product discussions.

What if I’m new to automation and programming?

No sweat. This year, and new to DevNet Create, we’re introducing Start Now, a channel for those new to automation and programming. Sessions on this channel will teach you how to get started with introductions to coding and Git. You’ll learn how to take advantage of DevNet tools and resources including learning labs, sandboxes, code repositories, and certifications.

Evolving job roles require new skills

Organizations are changing and new job roles are forming to accommodate the next wave of technology innovation. If you are an application developer, network engineer, data scientist or architect, IT professional, or entrepreneur – DevNet Create is your conference. You can dive into topics in networking, security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning infrastructure and platforms. You’ll come away with the skills to deliver new capabilities, automate networks, or optimize the deployment and life-cycle of applications.

You may even decide to validate your new skills with new Cisco certifications such as DevNet Professional or the DevNet Associate certifications.

Your invitation

So whether you’re a developer, engineer and data scientist, IT professional, entrepreneur or you’re totally new to IT, we invite you to join us on October 13th to grow your skills, learn about the latest innovations in the community, create new connections and get answers to all of your questions.

We’d love to hear what you think. Ask a question or leave a comment below.
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Amanda Whaley

Sr. Director of Developer Experience

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