Attending Cisco Live Barcelona this year? Cisco has chosen Barcelona for its first Cisco Live in this new decade. Not only will you get to experience the beautiful city of Joan Miro and Antoni Gaudi, of tapas and paellas, you’ll also could brush up on Cisco certifications, learn about some exciting new technologies and solutions for the data center, and spend some time with Cisco experts.

While there, you’ll also hear about new capabilities and values that have never been presented. We guarantee there will be something for everyone.

As you plan your week at Cisco Live Barcelona, we think the following curated sessions should be on your list of must attend events: Register soon as these sessions will sell out fast.


Monday January 27

DevNet Takeover; Data Center Networking DEVNET-4001 #ACI Anywhere with @DevNet

 Visit the DevNet Zone and watch the excitement as the Data Center Networking team takes charge of DevNet operations. Learn how Cisco ACI anywhere enables customers to deploy scalable multi-cloud networks with a consistent policy model.

Join Cisco’ Srinivas Kotamraju present the value and benefits of ACI Anywhere and its extensions to multi-cloud architectures by seamlessly extending ACI Anywhere. Any app, Any cloud.


Tuesday, January 28:

Innovation Talks with Liz Centoni (11:00 -11:30 and 12:00-12:30)

After  attending our opening keynote- head over to Liz Centoni’s Innovation Talks. Liz will be joined by AppDynamics Danny Winokur where they will present how Cisco simplifies critical digital experiences with new exciting innovations to Cisco Intersight, Application Dynamics, and the Hyperflex platform

PSO DCN 2116 (1:15PM – 2:15PM)

Title: New Cisco computing Innovation in UCS, HyperFlex, and Intersight to deliver applications anywhere

Overview: You’ll hear from a panel of Cisco product leaders discussing how new features to UCS, HyperFlex, and Intersight deliver performance assurance for mission-critical applications, reduce costs for containerized workloads, expand edge computing anywhere, and simplify the deployment of Cisco SD-WAN for branch office networking through Intersight.

Innovation Talk with Danny Winokur AppDynamics (2:45PM-3:15PM)

Learn from Danny about AppD’s unique capabilities in delivering application performance visibility and critical business insights.

PSO DCN 2117R (3:30PM – 4:00PM)

Title: Introducing New Cisco Intersight Capabilities: Application Assurance for Cisco UCS and HyperFlex

Overview:Join this session to learn about exciting new advances in Cisco’s computing portfolio, with Cisco Intersight and Cisco Workload Optimization Manager, that enable continuous application performance assurance

Innovation Talk with Thomas Scheibe (3:45PM-4:15PM)

Join Thomas as he explores the benefits and value of deploying Cisco ACI and Cisco Network Assurance in your digital transformation journey.

PSODCN 2555 (5:45PM-6:15PM)

Title; Why ACI: How will ACI increase agility and simplify the operational tasks of running a DC fabric?

Overview: This 30-minute session will explore the key concepts behind Cisco ACI DC Fabric and how ACI ensures your organization achieves a higher agility while simplifying the life of the operational teams.


Wednesday January 29

PSO-2556 (8:30am-9:30am)

Title: Reimagine Applications for Higher Productivity and Better Customer Experiences

This session will share insights and industry trends from the Cisco Annual Internet Report. This report helps IT professionals challenged with transforming infrastructures to accommodate new application requirements.

DevNet Takeover: Powering Data Center Infrastructure Programmability and Automation: Cisco Intersight’s API and Integrations – DEVNET-3214

This session will cover how to get started with the Intersight API and will show how the API powers programmability and automation with demos from popular developer tools.

PSO DCN 2117 (1:30PM – 2:30PM)

Title: Introducing New Cisco Intersight Capabilities: Application Assurance for Cisco UCS and HyperFlex

Overview: Join this panel discussion to learn about exciting new advances in Cisco’s computing portfolio, with Cisco Intersight and Cisco Workload Optimization Manager that enable continuous application performance assurance.

PSO 2449 (4:45PM-5:45 pm)

Title: Intent based networking Across Multiple Domains: Why?

Overview: In this session we will cover the basics of building a multi-domain networking architecture and answer the question of why this is valuable for customers and how it benefits them.


 Thursday January 30

PSO 2781 (10:00AM – 11:00AM)

Title: Containers-as-a-service for Cisco HyperFlex and Intersight – Hypervisor Agnostic IaaS and Lower TCO

Overview: Learn how your organization can consume containers as a service with hypervisor agnostic full stack and IaaS management that includes monitoring, telemetry and automated workload optimization across VMs and containers.

PSODCN 2118 (1:30PM – 2:30PM)

Title: From Reactive to Proactive NetOps With Cisco Network Assurance and Insights – The Power of Data Center Day 2 AI Ops

Overview: Cisco Network Assurance can assist with network fabric monitoring, build a knowledge base of collected telemetry data, and ensure business intent is met with proactive advisor notifications. Presentation by Daniel McGinnis, Director, Cisco Data Center.

PSODCN 2119 (4:00PM – 4:30PM)

Title: How to simplify and accelerate multi-cloud strategies with Cisco ACI

Overview:. This session will cover the key business problems being solved by Cloud ACI, an overview of the architecture, and key use cases for multicloud networking.


Following these sessions, drop by the Cisco Showcase for one-on-one conversations with Cisco experts and sponsors, along with demonstrations of new solutions that Cisco will launch in Barcelona. But before you go, review the unique opportunities we’ve put together just for you at the World of Solutions throughout the entire week.

One last action- read my friend Ravi Balakrishnan’s blog on some additional sessions targeting Cisco’s Data Center networking solutions.

We’re looking forward to helping you get your questions answered and learn more about all that Cisco offers for the data center – at the edge, in the cloud, and at the core.

See you in Barcelona. Adéu!



Maggie Smith

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions - Data Center Marketing