Cisco + Slido: Building Engaging and Inclusive Experiences Together

Have you ever wondered if you are truly connecting with your audience during a meeting or event? What if you could measure enthusiasm, get feedback and understand audience sentiment about the content you are sharing in real-time before, during and after an event? Now imagine you could get this kind of engagement and valuable feedback from your entire audience, regardless of whether they are in the same room with you or connected remotely. Cisco Webex users will soon be able to do all of this and more.

At our WebexOne event in December, we announced our intent to acquire Slido, a technology company that provides a best-in-class audience interaction platform. Slido creates engaging interactions, allows hosts to get to know their audience and ensures inclusive feedback through a diverse set of polling features. Today, with the completion of our acquisition of Slido, we have taken another step forward in delivering on our promise of creating Webex experiences that are 10x better than in-person interactions.

What Slido Techology Brings to the Webex Platform

Slido technology brings robust capabilities to the Webex platform, enabling the kind of dynamic audience participation that is so important to an effective meeting experience. For meeting participants that might be reluctant to ask a question or share their voice, Slido’s ability to display questions anonymously enables a higher degree of participation and feedback. To ensure communication is being delivered in a clear and meaningful way, meeting hosts can utilize Slido’s easy-to-use polls and quizzes to check participants’ understanding and quickly address any areas of uncertainty. And by using Slido to crowdsource questions in advance, presenters can be sure to share content that resonates – ultimately leading a more productive session. My favorite Slido feature is the ability for meeting participants to view and upvote audience questions, giving everyone a voice in the conversation and delivering real-time insights to meeting hosts about what topics are most important to the audience. Watch how Cisco and Slido are designing the future of work:

Best-in-Class Audience Interaction 

I host a monthly all-hands meeting with over 5,000 participants from across the globe. Generating audience interaction in a meeting of that size and scale can be a challenge, but I’ve had impressive results engaging with my audience using Slido polls and quizzes! For example, I asked participants what they were most excited about for the coming quarter and I received 2,000 responses in just 30 seconds. That kind of real-time participation blows my mind – and opens up endless opportunities for ways in which we can significantly increase the intimacy and personal engagement of large-scale virtual events.

I’m so excited to welcome Slido co-founder and CEO Peter Komornik as our Director/GM, Slido, and his entire Slovakia-based Slido team to the Cisco Webex family. I look forward to adding Slido’s best-in-class interaction capabilities to our Webex portfolio of products, and to building engaging and inclusive experiences together.

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Javed Khan

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Cisco Collaboration