Though a long time IT guy and Cisco veteran, when it comes to Open Source, containers, really the future of data centers – I’m a newbie!  However, this has got to be one of the coolest times to enter this field.

In the Red Hat Summit keynote session, Open Source: The Forefront of Innovation, I am just floored by the pace of innovation happening across the industry and inspired by how the open source philosophy (dare I say theology for some) is enabling change.

David Ward, Cisco’s Chief Technical Architect/standards & academia ambassador/guru of cool tech presented a fascinating talk DaveWardRHabout how this new approach to data center is breaking down the old IT stacks and ushering in agile service brokered networking, workflow analytics and the open source cloud.  You can watch the replay here.

The implications it has for simplifying the management and provisioning of data centers are really compelling.  It enables truly application-led provisioning of resources, security, networking all in real-time and based on what’s needed right now.  As a noob, I can only imagine the developments we’ll pursue once that agility is harnessed.

Speaking of open data, communities and collaboration, if you haven’t watched the Red Hat documentary The Open Patient: Healing through sharing, it is a must see.

Then join Cisco, Red Hat and John Wilbanks (Ted Talks) today for a live video discussion on BLAB at 1:30 pm PT / 4:30 pm ET. We will discuss the need for open source and change in healthcare. You can also watch the replay after the live session.


David Evert

Partner Marketing Manager

Joint Marketing & Cloud