The application development landscape is changing.  Innovation that has its roots in startups, APIs, cloud computing, containers and microservices is quickly making its way into the enterprise and into verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and transportation.

  • IoT and Edge computing offer developers indoor location data, and IoT sensors with real time data analytics.
  • Using voice and chat as an interface for IoT offers an ease of connection between the user, the physical world and the cloud that has never before existed.
  • IT and network operators are using automation and orchestration to deliver high performance, scale, and built-in security.
  • New programmable infrastructures make it possible to extend DevOps toolchains and concepts to the infrastructure and network layer.

We are launching DevNet Create to bring together the application developers, infrastructure engineers, designers, innovators, DevOps engineers and IT Pros who want to define and build this new landscape.

DevNet Create (details below) is are developer conference where you can challenge, discuss, and create.

What is DevNet Create

DevNet Create is hands-on.  We love to see code and demos whenever possible.

DevNet Create is about practical lessons learned and your experiences in the real world.

DevNet Create is about what is possible or almost possible.

DevNet Create is about finding other people who are working in the same areas as you and sharing your passion.

DevNet Create is a 2-day conference with the following types of sessions:

  • Learn: 45 minute classroom sessions that teach a specific technical skill or concept. Working code and demos encouraged.  Even better if the participants get to be hands-on in the session.
  • Code: Online Self-Serve Tutorials. We will be accepting a limited number of outstanding tutorials by guest authors featured in the DevNet Community Learning Tracks. These tracks will be available during and after the conference.
  • Inspire: 30 minute Use case, lessons learned, thought leadership talks. Tell your story and inspire others.
  • Connect: Want to start a community around a topic you care about? We will be hosting a number of Birds of a Feather Connect groups at the conference.

DevNet Create is also about continuing the conversation after the conference.   So we have a focus on creating ways you can easily share tutorials, and continue developing with your colleagues after the conference.

How can you contribute to DevNet Create

The Call for Papers (CFP) will open next week and we encourage you to submit. We welcome first time speakers!  Below are some of the topics we hope to see at DevNet Create.

  • How to Design and Build APIs
  • Where Apps meet Infrastructure
  • Where Infrastructure Meets Apps
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Cloud Native, Containers, and Microservices
  • Bots, Chat, APIs and Enterprise Collaboration
  • IoT & Edge Computing
  • Security for Apps and Infrastructure
  • Industry & Vertical Solutions
  • Multimedia, AR/VR, Next Generation Interfaces
  • Analytics & AI
  • UX & Design

Be a part of the community that builds the new technologies, protocols, architectures and designs that define this new landscape.

Join us at DevNet Create 2017 in May. Be on the lookout for the Call For Papers (CFP) next week. See you at the event!

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Kenneth Owens

Chief Technical Officer, Cloud Infrastructure Services