Venky Nanniyur

Vice President, Engineering

Enterprise Networking Business

Venky Nanniyur is Vice President of Engineering and Business Analytics for Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Business, which generates over $17 billion in revenue.

Since joining Cisco in 2007, Nanniyur has been at the forefront of Cisco’s mission to build industry-leading products that maximize growth. Currently, he runs the large-scale transformation initiatives and functions focusing on Business Analytics, Operational Data Science, DevSecOps, Product Quality, Portfolio Strategy and Planning. He pioneered the application of data science and analytics to Cisco’s product development and operations.

Prior to Cisco, Nanniyur held various customer facing and internal engineering roles in HP Consulting and Infosys Technologies. He was responsible for large, global outsourcing deals and leading IT strategy engagements at HP. Before HP, Nanniyur was an architect and systems analyst for E-Commerce Consulting Practice at Infosys.

Nanniyur is passionate about educating the youth on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). He sponsors Cisco’s connection to “Ignited Education,” a nonprofit organization that provides educators with fellowships and business connections and inspires students to become the future innovators.


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