Taru Khurana

Marketing Manager, Product/Systems

Taru Khurana is an experienced research analyst and key member of the Service Provider Thought Leadership team (which produces the Cisco Visual Networking Index and Global Cloud Index annual forecasts). As part of her analytical role and responsibilities, she works closely with global independent industry analysts and fixed/mobile carrier business and technology leaders (et al.)  to assess and quantify the latest technology trends within the Service Provider segment. She has also worked in the Cisco's Americas Services Marketing and the Go to Market organizations. Prior to pursuing her professional passion for marketing intelligence and analytics, Taru managed a successful dental practice. Taru’s personal hobbies and interests include exploring new places, dancing and reading.


December 1, 2016


The New Digital Deal: How retailers are transforming online shopping experiences and transactions

3 min read

I need to preface this blog with a full disclosure statement. I love shopping! And apparently I am not alone in my affinity for all things retail. Let’s face it, many people enjoy the thrill of acquiring a new “bright shiny thing” or the high of getting a deal on something you need. However, the increasing […]

VR & AR: The Real Deal!

4 min read

Pandora! In the motion picture Avatar, Pandora is a beautiful fictional place and a paradise for nature lovers. The 3D version of the film left a deep impression in my mind, as I am sure it did with many other moviegoers who might share my dream of experiencing a vacation in Pandora. Well, that may […]

October 28, 2015


Life in the Cloud – a Byte-Sized Tale

2 min read

Today, Cisco announced the fifth annual Global Cloud Index, 2014-2019 update. The Cisco Global Cloud Index (2014-2019) was developed to estimate global data center and cloud-based traffic growth and trends. This is a story about the access network requirements for evolving cloud applications (from basic to advanced). As fixed and mobile network performances are enhanced, […]

The Internet of Everything (IoE) will require Digital Data Storage and Recovery Innovations

2 min read

Co-Written with Usha Andra, Senior Analyst, SP Thought Leadership For many of us, precious memories are digitally preserved in the form of pictures and videos. How we store and access our favorite photos, clips, songs and other digital content has evolved from hard disks to USB drives and now on to the cloud. And for […]

September 3, 2014


Have Global IPv6 Deployments Really Slowed Down?

3 min read

For those that are not closely involved with IPv6, it may seem like the emphasis on migration to the new addressing scheme is waning. But while the hue and cry over IPv6 may appear to have quieted down to a background noise since 2010-2011; a closer inspection would prove that perception to be quite false. […]

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