Today, Cisco announced the fifth annual Global Cloud Index, 2014-2019 update. The Cisco Global Cloud Index (2014-2019) was developed to estimate global data center and cloud-based traffic growth and trends.

This is a story about the access network requirements for evolving cloud applications (from basic to advanced). As fixed and mobile network performances are enhanced, better and more reliable cloud-based experiences can be realized.

Mr. and Mrs. Byte couldn’t be more proud of their bouncing new boy, Bob Byte. For his first check-up, results show him to be a normal baby Byte, capable of web browsing, sending emails and web conferencing.


With a download speed of up to 750 kbps, an upload speed of up to 250 kbps and his latency above 160 ms, the newest little Byte meets Single Basic Cloud Application requirements.

Fast forward some years and Bob Byte is off to high school, with full access to perform SD video conferencing, the ability to use cloud-based learning management systems and his personal content locker to collaborate with classmates around the world. He is now able to work with multiple applications simultaneously as he is growing up.


Bob’s download speeds are up to 7,000 kpbs, his upload speeds are up to 2,600 kbps and with a latency hovering between 159 and 100 ms, he now meets Concurrent Intermediate Cloud Application requirements.

Time truly flies. Bob Byte is out of college, working in finance and thrilled to have made a connection with Betty, a young woman he met on an online dating site. A tech-conscious couple, Bob trades stocks online while Betty uses electronic health records as a medical admin.


Bob has now met Single Advanced Cloud Application requirements, with download speeds over 2,500 kbps, upload speeds over 1,000 kbps and latency less than 100 ms.

Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. Byte! Bob and Betty live comfortably outside Datacenter City, drive their connected cars into work and wisely invest in their future with high-frequency stock trading. On days he doesn’t commute to the office, Bob stays in-the-know with HD video conferencing.


How is all of this handled? Well, Bob’s download speed of 21,000 kbps, upload speed of around 9,000 kbps and a latency of less than 100 ms shows he’s a fully grown Byte, easily meeting Concurrent Advanced Cloud Application requirements.

Want more “bytes” of information about the growth of the global data center, cloud applications, cloud service delivery models and more trends? Learn more about the Global Cloud Index here.

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Taru Khurana

Marketing Manager, Product/Systems