Stew Wolfe

Senior Manager

Cisco Security Services

Stew is a certified Information Security professional with 28 years of IT experience—22 of which have been focused on security. He is a Senior Manager/Business Development lead in the Cisco Security Technology Transformation Group, providing security business outcome consulting and risk management associated with connected devices in industrial, manufacturing, utility, and healthcare environments. He currently works with several healthcare and life sciences customers, helping them to securely leverage digitization initiatives that provide better patient experiences and reduce the risk of a security breaches. Stew has always held customer-facing roles as a Systems Engineer and Executive Consultant, applying his extensive security knowledge to help customers in highly vulnerable industries. Stew is a frequent speaker on healthcare security and was a keynote speaker at HIMSS. He has also published healthcare blogs, videos, and podcasts on various security topics, including threats to medical devices.


February 1, 2022


Risk vs Compliance in Healthcare: Why it Matters

3 min read

Learn why managing risk and compliance in healthcare is a 24/7 priority and how healthcare systems can implement an effective strategy for both.

March 26, 2018


The Fast Pace of Change

4 min read

Rethinking Secure Technical Innovation to Enable Successful Business Outcomes Over the past 25 years I have been employed in the technology field, my non-technical friends often ask me, “How do...