Stève Sfartz

API Design Lead and Developer Experience Manager

Cisco DevNet

NeXT developer back in the 90's, Stève was among the first Java Certified developers, then evangelized .Net and Azure at Microsoft. As VP of engineering, Stève built the software Kosmos Digital Services for Education and ran SaaS operations serving 3 million users. Co-founder of Restlet, he built APISpark – an innovative cloud platform for Web APIs.

In 2016, Stève joined DevNet - Cisco's Developer Program, where he leads a global team of developer advocates focused on IoT, Collaboration, Cloud and DevOps.

Keen on API Architecture and Design, Stève is the technical lead for the "API Style Guide" initiative, aiming to provide a consistent Developer Experience across Cisco’s portfolio.

Based in France, Stève also supports DevNet’s presence in Europe, in collaboration with Cisco Sales teams, Innovation Centers and partners.


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